8 Korean Modern Minimalist House Inspiration

8 Korean Modern Minimalist House Inspiration

Until now, the prestige of Korean culture continues to skyrocket, not least. Starting from songs to the adoption of Korean house designs, many have become favorites of various circles of society. When viewed from the aesthetics point of view, the house models that appear in many Korean dramas are diverse and suitable for people’s tastes.

Often there are sweet accents that make Korean-style home designs have their own characteristics such as the use of wood and minimalist furniture. This time, Prospect provides a complete review of how Korean home design inspiration might suit you. Happy reading!

Minimalist Korean house design is the model that most often appears in the drama from the Ginseng country. Starting from natural wood accents to simple Korean home interiors are the main attraction.

Two-Story House in White Shades

Talking about the flow of minimalist residence, the dominant white color is one of the right choices. You can make the concept of a two-story house with white nuances like the picture above. In addition, by applying the use of large glass, it can be a modern minimalist home design application at once.

Modern Minimalist Korean House Design Made of Partially Wood

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, you must be familiar with the use of wood in their homes. Modern minimalist Korean house designs like this can show a simple, natural impression.

House on stilts

Another alternative if you are bored with the same dwelling is a stilt model house. Maybe not many of you know this, but in South Korea there are also a number of beautiful stilt houses even if only seen from the outside. The majority of these dwellings use stone material to elevate the house building from the ground below.

Minimalist house made of bricks and wood

Minimalist style houses can also take advantage of modifications to brick and wood materials. This concept is more suitable for those of you who like traditional Korean-style minimalist models. The combination of the two materials will strengthen the warm impression of the house, so that the atmosphere of living with family feels more comfortable.

A House with a Roof Turned into a Terrace

Well, this one characteristic is very commonly found in Korean dramas. The majority of settlements in South Korea have many houses with flat roofs. Usually they will use the following land to simply be used as a terrace or a gathering place with relatives.

Hanok House

Hanok is the name of a traditional Korean house. By naked eye, you can already judge that this house has a unique model. One of the characteristics that you can imitate from traditional hanok is the distinctive shape of the roof.

One-Story Square House

The characteristics of a Korean house are not in its large size and magnificent interior, you can even build a one-story box-shaped house like this example. All the furniture in it does look limited, but with the right amount all the needs of the house can still be met properly.

Beautiful Minimalist Korean House

You can also apply the inspiration for a minimalist Korean house design by adding a naturalist impression so that the house looks more beautiful. Like the picture above, add trees or small plants both indoors and outdoors.