How to get rid of spiders you can try to get rid of spiders that are nesting in the house. Lots of spiders around the room in the house? Must be annoying right? At most, the cobwebs are usually found on the roof of the house, both in the living room, kitchen and even in the bedroom. A house with lots of spiders is certainly not a sign of an unhealthy home. For that the house must be cleaned of cobwebs, yes. If your house is dirty, just follow how to clean the house.

How to get rid of spiders

How to get rid of spiders A house with a spider’s web becomes unkempt because very quickly a spider can build a nest in hard-to-reach places in your room. Actually what is the cause of spiders living and making nests on the ceiling or roof of the house? Is the cause the same as the cause of the number of ants in the house? That’s because the house is dirty and not clean. For this reason, it is highly recommended to clean the house or the ceiling regularly at least once a week so that even bats cannot enter the house.

So, how to deal with spiders so that they disappear from your home so that there is no cobwebs anymore? Do you have to kill the spiders so they don’t make nests again? Let’s also look at the causes of cockroaches coming to the house and how to overcome them.

Come on, check out some of our powerful tips on How to Get Rid of Spiders in hard-to-reach areas of your home!

Using Cinnamon

Use cinnamon powder to sprinkle on areas inhabited by spiders. Spiders don’t like the smell of cinnamon, so in a matter of minutes the spiders won’t be making nests in your ceiling again.

Garlic Liquid

Mix the liquid garlic into plain water. Put it in a sprayer, then spray on the part that you think is most prone to be inhabited by cobwebs. Spiders don’t like the smell of garlic and will never return to your home. Do it painstakingly, like when it comes to getting rid of lizards.

Fumigation of the House

Another way that can be done is to burn coconut shells and use the smoke to let it enter the house for about 30 minutes. This method is quite effective in repelling spiders so that it can be reduced drastically.

Using Tobacco

If it is easy to find tobacco around your house, it is advisable to use tobacco that has been cut into small pieces. Place it in a corner or part where there is a nest made by the spider. Spiders also don’t like the smell of tobacco, so tobacco is very effective at repelling spiders. Spiders that usually live in the ceiling, how to clean it is almost the same as getting rid of termites above the house.

Using Vinegar

Mix vinegar and plain water in a 1:2 ratio. You don’t need too much liquid if there are only a few cobwebs to be exterminated, but if the cobwebs turn out to be a lot, you have to make a lot of liquid. When the liquid is finished, just enter the liquid that has been mixed with vinegar in the spayer. Spray on the part inhabited by spiders. Surely the spiders will run away and will not come back again. Spraying is done when you do the fire ant extermination method.

Using Peppermint Oil

Many people like the smell of peppermint as a mouth freshener or aromatherapy, but did you know that spiders hate the smell. To make anti-spider liquid for your beloved home, it’s quite easy. Mix a few drops of this oil with water and liquid soap. Shake the mixture and spray around the house, or in spiders’ hideouts. Of course the spiders will hate the smell and leave your house. How to clean the house from spiders must indeed be considered, so that one insect does not come back again.

Utilize Citrus

If you like fruits like lemons and oranges, it’s a good idea to use the peel to repel spiders. You can use lemon oil that has been mixed with plain water and then put it in a sprayer and spray it on the cobwebs where they usually live. Or rubbing orange / lemon peel on the surface or where the spider is thought to be hiding. If your house also has a lot of mice that make it look dirty, try reading how to get rid of mice at home.

Using Cedar Wood

For spiders that like to nest in dark places such as shelves, drawers or cupboards, you can get rid of them using cedar blocks. Hanging cedar wood will work effectively to ensure that spiders don’t attack clothes and closets again. Well, if there are also flies on the roof of the house, don’t worry, you can do how to get rid of flies in the house.

In addition to the six ways above, you can prevent the occurrence of cobwebs at home. So that the house that has been cleaned of cobwebs does not become dirty again because the spider returns to the house.

How to Prevent the Entry of Profits

It’s a good idea after you have finished eradicating spiders at home, do prevention so that the spiders don’t come back to live on the roof of the house. So the house looks dirty and uninhabited. There are three ways to prevent spiders from entering your home, including:

Close the House

Make sure it’s not easy for spiders to get into your home. You also have to do regular house cleaning. Take the following steps to prevent the entry of unwanted insects and other animals:

  •     With putty, seal cracks and holes inside and outside the house.
  •     Cover the window with gauze. Check the gauze regularly to make sure there are no holes.
  •     Cover with gauze some other entrances, such as vents, chimneys, and gutters.

Take care of the plants around the house

Some species of spiders build their webs in tall grass and some other plants, so if you’re having trouble with spiders, remove any plants that get too close to your home. Diligently mow the grass, including those in the backyard. If you feel your home is too uncomfortable because there is a different energy, try to see how to clean the house from negative energy.

Avoid piles of wood leaning outside the house

Many types of spiders like to inhabit wood piles. If there is a pile of wood on the outside wall of the house, you can be sure that spiders are lured in. Store wood in a shed, which is located outside the house. The home page must also be cleaned frequently, by keeping the yard clean to avoid insects.

8 Easiest and Safest Ways to Get Rid of Spiders at Home