Marble is a rock that is often found in everyday life. This rock comes from dolomite or limestone. In nature, real marble has a white color. This is because the main constituent material is made of the mineral calcite.

There are many benefits of marble in our lives. For example, you are certainly familiar with the use of marble as a flooring material. Its beautiful pattern will blend with the overall interior design of the house. In addition, the beautiful marble pattern will also produce a magnificent and luxurious appearance.

Here are eight benefits of marble stone in everyday life that are rarely known:

Building Construction Materials

As a natural rock, marble has many advantages that are not found in other natural rocks. Marble has a very long durability so it is durable and is widely used as building construction. In addition, marble is also easy to clean and has a beautiful appearance.

Therefore, it is not surprising that marble is used to decorate homes, such as floors, exterior walls, veneers, home decorations, stairs, and paths leading to the house. The reason marble benefits for interior and exterior home decoration is its majestic appearance and easy cleaning. Even so, you still have to consider the damage factors that may appear.

Home Decoration Materials

Still related to home interior design, the use of marble is to make decorations in it, such as statues, jars, tables, fireplaces, and other parts.

In everyday life, marble can be used as the basis for making furniture because marble is soft because it is translucent, so it is very easy to shape. In addition, marble is also easy to absorb paint and easy to sculpt.

The most famous marble-based statues in the world include the statue of Artemis, the Greek goddess made by the Romans from the 1st to 2nd centuries AD found in Italy.


The nature of marble that is easy to shape, has a majestic and luxurious appearance, and is easy to carve, makes this natural stone a stone that is used as an alternative to tombstones.

In some cemeteries, you will often see graves that use marble tombstones. The charming pattern makes the funeral less scary and can actually look beautiful.

Plant Fertilizer

The unexpected benefit of marble is as a plant fertilizer. The trick, the marble is heated and the lime is taken. When heated, the carbon dioxide in the marble will disappear and leave only lime or calcium dioxide. This lime can be used as fertilizer in agricultural land.

The lime in heated marble reduces the acidity in the soil. As a result, the soil is better prepared for planting because its pH has been neutralized.

Furthermore, plants grown in soils with a neutral pH, with the presence of lime in them, prolong plant life.

Cleansing Base

It is very interesting to discuss this marble stone because it is not only useful as a decoration. One of the benefits of marble is that it can be used as a basic ingredient for house cleaning.

Marble is mostly composed of calcite, a mineral with a triple mosh strength. So that marble can be used as an ingredient for making cleaning fluids in kitchens or bathrooms because of its softness that does not cause scratches or other damage.

Dyeing Material

The benefits of marble are also used in the paint and paper industry as a coloring agent. The white marble will be melted and used as a white powder to make pigment.

As a coloring agent, this white marble will produce a powder called whiting. whiting is what will become a brightener and pigment in paper, paint, and other products.

Acid Neutralizer

It turns out that marble can also be used as an acid neutralizer. This can happen because marble is composed of calcium carbonate. Thus, making marble a very effective rock type to neutralize acids.

The marble that reaches the highest purity will be crushed into powder. The powder that comes from the crushed marble is then processed in such a way that it is ready to be used as a neutralizing acid taste.

Generally, the function of this marble is to reduce river acid, soil acid, acid in the chemical industry, and even acid in the human body.

Therapy Tool

In the health sector, the benefits of marble are also no less. As a therapeutic tool, for example, marble will be cut and used at several points of the body along with hot stones. Marble will be a powerful decongestant to relieve swelling in the body. This material can also improve blood flow in the body.

If used in conjunction with hot stone, marble will reduce constriction in the organs of the body. Later, smooth blood flow will help distribute nutrients throughout the body so that it can cure various diseases. For example, acute inflammatory diseases and wounds, reduce panda eyes and puffy eyes, improve facial skin tone, and heal sinus blockages.

8 Benefits of Marble, Limestone with Beautiful Patterns