7 Types of Water Faucets Based on their Functions and Uses

Did you know that there are many types of water faucets, choose according to their function at home. Do not forget, the presence of faucets can also beautify the interior.

Of course, you have water faucets in the bathroom, kitchen, service area for washing clothes, and also the carport.

This component is quite important to support daily life, draining water for routine activities.

Therefore, you need to know which type of faucet is the most suitable for your home needs.

Whether for kitchen needs, bathrooms, or even faucets for outdoors.

Later, you will also mess around with various types, shapes, and prices that vary on the market.

The problem is, when choosing a faucet, it must also be adapted to the concept at home, don’t get it wrong.

Well, so you don’t get confused when you come to the material store. Check out the types of water faucets along with their functions and the latest prices

Different types have different functions. You need to know the type, material, and size of the faucet before buying it.

Check out these seven water faucet recommendations, yes. Guaranteed your home will be more beautiful and charming.

Goose Water Faucet

This type of goose faucet looks like a long and curved neck like a swan. Usually its use in the kitchen sink.

You can use this type of kitchen faucet to help wash dishes.

Types of Garden Water Faucets

Garden faucets are suitable to be installed outdoors. The model is indeed made to be strong against changes in the weather.

You can install it outside to water plants or even clean the outside wall tiles.

Shower Faucet

The next type of water faucet is a shower. The head of this faucet model can be moved freely.

In some models, the faucet can actually be pulled out and used according to your needs.

Cartridge Faucet

Cartridge faucet is another name for water faucets commonly found in hotels and villas. If you travel a lot, you will see it often.

Its use is enough by turning the handle so that it can adjust the water temperature.

Types of Branch Water Faucets

The use of branch water faucets is easier and more efficient, because with just one faucet, you can get two sources of flow.

This faucet can be used for purposes such as watering plants and washing cars at the same time.

Lock Water Faucet

This type of water faucet can lock the faucet tightly, so no water drips, it can be placed in the carport.

You can find key faucets easily in the market at an affordable price.

Automatic or Sensor

Automatic or sensor type faucets are increasingly popular and you can often find them in office buildings and malls.

You don’t need to touch the faucet, just move your hand to the automatic area and the water will flow.