7 Types of Vegetables You Can Plant at Home

7 Types of Vegetables You Can Plant at Home

Not only animal protein, vegetable protein such as vegetables also still need to be consumed by your family at home.

Apart from containing lots of vitamins, vegetables are also useful for boosting the immune system in the body, thereby preventing cancer.

Given the importance of vegetables for the health of your family’s body, there is nothing wrong if you plant several types of vegetables in your backyard garden.

Some of the vegetables recommended by us are very easy to grow, so you don’t have to bother with them anymore.

Besides being easy to grow, growing vegetables at home can also reduce your monthly shopping costs, you know!

So, are you curious about what types of vegetables can be grown at home? Here comes the list!

Chili is a favorite fruit to grow at home

Who doesn’t need this one vegetable?

As an Indonesian family, it is certain that you and your family at least need chili as a complement to home cooking.

Considering the increasing price of chilies before Hari Raya, you can name your own chilies at home.

It’s not difficult, you just need to choose the chilies you want to plant, then take the seeds and dry them.

Once dry, you can sprinkle dried chili seeds into the land behind the house.

Don’t forget to be diligent in watering it

With minimal maintenance, chilies can grow easily in your home.

Take the stems of kale and plant them at home

Besides being healthy, kale is also one type of vegetable that is a family favorite

The type of processed kale that is most popular among the public is sauteed kale.

You can really plant it yourself at home. Apart from the seeds that you can buy at a plant shop, you can also grow them from the kale vegetables that you buy at the market.

It’s easy, you only need to cut the previously purchased kale stems, cook the leaves, then leave the roots. Well, that is the part of the root that you can plant.

Let’s cultivate spinach through the seeds!

Popeye’s favorite vegetable has many benefits, Ma. Apart from containing lots of vitamins, it turns out that spinach is also easy to cultivate yourself at home, you know.

Just like kale, spinach can be planted through seeds or through the roots.

Usually when you buy spinach at the market, the sellers don’t cut off the roots.

Well, take advantage of the roots of spinach to cultivate at home! Just take the stems and roots of the spinach, then plant them in the land that you have provided at home.

Cassava, a tuber that can also be planted in the yard

Almost all parts of this one plant can be used.

You can process the leaves into delicious vegetables, as well as the roots, namely the cassava itself.

So, planting it is easy. You only need to plant the root part of this plant, namely cassava on the land that has been provided, then water it regularly.

And then voila, your cassava will flourish easily!

No need to buy, plant green onions in your own garden

As one of the vegetables that can taste food, chives are often used in several home cooking.

Such as fried rice, chicken soup, soup, and so on. If your family includes green onion lovers, then it’s a good idea to grow these vegetables yourself at home.

It’s not difficult, you only need to leave the root part of the leek stem then soak it in water until you see new fibers that grow.

After that, you can immediately move it to planting media such as pots.

Lettuce is a vegetable that is easy to cultivate

The fresh vegetables you usually find in hamburgers are surprisingly easy to grow at home

The first step you need to do is prepare a pot filled with soil and fertilizer.

After that, you can easily sprinkle lettuce seeds that you can find at a plant shop or supermarket.

Don’t forget to water it regularly and avoid the sun that is too hot

Cabbage is full of benefits, growing at home is more economical!

Cabbage or cabbage is often found in Sundanese specialties. It’s incomplete if there is no cabbage in fresh vegetables, right?

Basically, this plant is also very easy to cultivate at home, you know. The method of planting is also the same as kale and spinach.

You only need to cut the bottom base of the cabbage about 5 cm long. After that, plant it in soil and fertilizer media.

Water regularly and keep out of the afternoon sun. Those are 7 types of vegetables that you can grow yourself at home.

Cabbage is very full of benefits such as improving digestion, maintaining heart function, and preventing cancer.

Besides being healthy because you can eat vegetables whenever you want, you can also reduce shopping costs, you know!

By growing your own vegetables at home, you can also help reduce global warming.