If you have free time and love gardening, why not try making your own terrarium at home? Terrarium is a mini garden arranged in a transparent glass container. You can freely create with your favorite plants without overheating due to the hot sun. Apart from beautifying the house, terrarium care is also fairly easy. You only need to give him water one to two times a week.

This is because the plants and materials in the terrarium have formed their own ecosystem that is similar to the original conditions in nature. Even a terrarium made in a closed container doesn’t need water, you know However, not just any plants can be used to make terrariums. Most of the plants for the terrarium are succulents or cacti. Here we have revealed the plants you can choose from:

Cactus with beautiful thorns

In their natural habitat, cacti grow in dry and not humid conditions. Therefore, this one plant does not need a lot of water. Cactus are perfect for equipping a terrarium with an open container. Conversely, it is not recommended for closed terrariums because these types of terrariums have a higher humidity level.

In addition to choosing a container, also pay attention to other types of plants that are grown with cacti. You should not plant cacti at the same time as plants that require a lot of water. The reason is, the cactus will die quickly if it gets too much water. It is best to combine cacti with other types of cacti.

Fern with lush green leaves

Ferns are plants that have a true vascular system and reproduce with the help of spores. This plant has been growing on earth for millions of years, you know, Ma. The oldest fern fossils are even 360 million years old! In contrast to cacti, ferns require high humidity. This plant is perfect if you want to make a closed terrarium. There are many types of ferns that you can choose from. This plant is also very easy to find in plant stores.

Hedera helix with star-like leaves

Another plant that can be used to beautify a terrarium is the hedera helix or better known as ivy. This plant is a vine that has an attractive leaf shape. The leaves are green with yellow frames. Just like ferns, hedera helix also requires high humidity. You need to water it regularly every week. But, pay attention to the balance between the volume of water and the size of the terrarium container. The reason is, conditions that are too humid have the potential to make fungi grow.

The tongue-in-law is able to absorb pollution

This plant has been famous in recent times because it is believed to be able to absorb toxins in the air and reduce pollution. Physically, it has thick, stiff leaves and is green with white stripes. The size also varies so you can adjust it to the size of the container you have.

In terms of care, the tongue-in-law is not a fuss. It can be placed indoors or outdoors. It is also a strong plant. You don’t even have to worry if you forget to water it for a week, your mother-in-law’s tongue will still survive.

Small and unique Fittonia

Fittonia is a type of vine with unique leaves. The leaves are round elongated with a green base color. Some of the leaves have red veins while others are white. But you don’t need to worry, even though it is a vine, the growth of this plant is quite slow.

The thing to remember when caring for this plant is to keep it away from direct sunlight. This plant care is quite difficult. It requires an environment with a humid, warm, and stable temperature. An environment that is too hot will cause the leaves to wither quickly. If you choose it for a terrarium, you should put the terrarium in the room

Elephant ears that contain herbs

Elephant ears including anthurium plants. The color of the leaves is similar to those of fittonia, except that it is heart-shaped with a sharper tip. Not only as an ornamental plant, elephant ears are also believed to be herbal plants, you know. One of them is to accelerate the aging of boils. So that the elephant ears that you plant do not wither quickly, keep the terrarium out of direct sunlight. But, if you put it in the room, make sure not to put it in a cool room. This plant requires high humidity. The dry air produced by the air conditioner will only cause these plants to wither quickly.

Succulent plants that do not need a lot of water

Just like cacti, succulent plants grow in dry environments with low moisture. To survive, this plant stores water in the leaves, stems and roots. This mechanism makes succulent plants grow with attractive physical forms. On average, their leaves will grow with a slightly fat appearance. Because it requires a dry environment, this plant is suitable for planting in an open terrarium. Make sure not to give him too much water as this will rot the plant.

There are many succulent plants that you can choose from, such as adenium, jathropa, euphorbia, and pachypodium. Even the aloe vera that you often encounter is also a succulent plant Those are ornamental plants that you can choose to plant in the terrarium. Before choosing, pay attention to how to care for and the needs of each plant so that it doesn’t wither quickly.

7 Types of Plants for Terrariums at Home
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