7 Types of Contemporary Dining Tables That Make Your Home More Aesthetic

7 Types of Contemporary Dining Tables That Make Your Home More Aesthetic

The dining table is one of the mandatory pieces of furniture in the house. In addition to placing dishes, the dining table can also be a family gathering place to exchange stories. No wonder the type of dining table is quite diverse.

Dining Table Model Ideas for Every Home

Then, what kind of dining table is the most suitable for your home concept? So, so as not to make the wrong choice, we can identify one dining table model one by one.

Folding dining table

The first is a folding dining table. This one model is suitable for those of you who live alone in limited housing, such as boarding houses, small houses, and studio type apartments.

Folding tables are quite easy to disassemble and reassemble. In fact, you can store it in the corner of the room after you’re done using it. Besides being practical, this table also does not take up space and makes it cramped.

Well, we have a recommendation for a quality folding dining table with a variety of shapes, such as the following.

Bar dining table

This type of bar dining table is perfect for a minimalist home inhabited by a young couple. With its minimalist shape, you can place the bar dining table in the front corner of your home kitchen.

You can chat with each other romantically with your partner like being in a bar.

Well, to further add to the impression of luxury, you can add decorations such as aesthetic wine glasses.

Here we have a table recommendation for a mini bar in the kitchen that can be an option for your home.

Round dining table

If you are looking for a contemporary dining table that can be aesthetically pleasing, you can choose a round dining table.

Because it doesn’t have a corner, the round dining table is perfect for families with small children, you know. Thus, this dining table remains safe when used.

Corner dining table

Conjuring a small kitchen as well as a dining room can indeed create the impression of a wider room. To outsmart, you can use a corner dining table, which you can place against the wall.

Now, the corner dining table has increased, you know. For example, you can see the product recommendations below. You can open or close the table when not in use. So, save space, right?

Glass dining table

A dining room with a modern futuristic concept of course must use furniture that can enhance the impression of luxury in it. Well, one type of furniture that you can use for this modern concept house is using a glass dining table.

The glass dining table itself is actually very suitable for any residential concept. However, because of the shape that looks modern, this type of dining table is mostly at home with a modern maximalist concept.

Extendable dining table

Along with the times, the shape of the table began to experience various forms of innovation. One of them is a minimalist dining table model in the form of an extendable.

An extendable dining table is a table that you can assemble and widen the length of the table surface you want, like the product below.

With the extendable feature, it can make it easier for us to increase the capacity of the dining table when guests come to the house.

Wooden dining table

The most popular type of dining table and the next most loved by many people is a wooden dining table. This simple shape and natural-looking material can add to the warmth of the family in the dining room, you know.

The wooden dining table also has an affordable price, even though it has a beautiful and aesthetic design. Like some of the following forms of wooden dining tables with the best quality.