7 Tips for Overcoming the Most Effective Damp Room at Home

Maintaining the humidity level of the room is a way to maintain a healthy home. This is because if a room becomes humid, it will cause unpleasant odors and germs. Therefore, consider the following tips for dealing with damp rooms that are the most effective.

To get started on dealing with humidity in your room, the first thing is to look at the main source. In addition, you can also apply the tips contained in this article review:

Improve the Ventilation System

The first way you can apply to overcome a humid room is to improve air circulation in the room. Having regular and sufficient air circulation will keep the room in the right humidity conditions.

This is because the lack of proper air exchange will cause the room to become damp so that it can be moldy and smell musty.

Air circulation is an important element in a room. If your room does not have good air circulation, then you can add windows or create ventilation. This is useful for replacing the existing air in the room with fresh air.

Overcoming Damp Room by Minimizing Stockpiling

The second tip you can do to deal with a humid room is not to overstock things. Why does this matter? Because the presence of too many items will cause poor air circulation conditions.

With such conditions, the potential for your room to become humid is higher. In addition to affecting air circulation, hoarding too many items will also make your room look cluttered. Try to organize the things you need and those you no longer use.

Installing an Exhaust Fan to Cope With Humidity

Next in tips for dealing with a humid room is to install an exhaust fan. You can use an exhaust fan as another option if the room doesn’t have a spot for windows or ventilation. The use of this tool has an impact on the change in air circulation.

The exhaust fan operating system is certainly not the same as a fan in general. Because this tool is in charge of absorbing air and odors that come from inside the room and then replacing it with new air. You can install an exhaust fan in a room, such as a toilet or kitchen.

Utilize a Dehumidifier

The next way is to install a dehumidifier. What are the benefits and how does this tool work? In short, a dehumidifier helps to reduce the humidity level in a room.

This tool works to overcome a humid room by absorbing water into the installed machine. In addition to the benefits and how it works, dehumidifiers come in various sizes starting from the smallest 10L. You can install a dehumidifier in some rooms, such as the living room or bedroom.

Painting with Anti-Fungus Paint

A room that is already damp will cause mold on the walls. The presence of a fungus in the room can certainly bring various germs that can cause disease. How to deal with a room that is already humid?

The first step is to clean the mold traces on the walls. You must do this properly to prevent the fungus from reappearing. After the wall is free of mold, the next step is to paint it with a special paint that has an anti-fungal formula.

Overcome Humidity with Moisture Absorbing Products

Another way you can do is install a moisture absorber. Unlike the previous tips that use electronic devices such as a dehumidifier or exhaust fan, this product does not require electrical power consumption. You can also buy this product at the nearest supermarket.

How does this product work? This product can work after you place it in a humid room. Then the benefit of this absorbent product is to reduce the level of moisture and unpleasant odors. Very easy and simple to do right?

Place Some Plants

The last tip in this article that you can try to apply is to place plants in several corners in a humid room. In fact, you can take advantage of plants that can suck moisture in a room.

Therefore, placing these plants can help you in overcoming a humid room.

Types of plants that you can use include ivory betel, anthurium, ornamental ferns, calathea, bromeliads to orchids. This of course brings 2 advantages at once, because you can reduce the humidity and beautify the corner of the room at the same time.

Keep Your Room Humidity

After reading reviews about tips for dealing with damp rooms, you can of course apply them immediately as needed. The humidity level of a room is important to always be in a stable condition so as not to affect the smell of the room and the appearance of mold.