7 Selected Girls Room Designs

7 Selected Girls Room Designs

Not only must it be comfortable, but also be able to support it to be active. This is a girl’s room design, complete with tips on how to organize it!

Bedroom interior design is something very fun to do, right? This is also very important because the right room design will make the occupants feel at home for long in the room.

Of course, the design of a child’s bedroom and an adult’s bedroom will be different. Children will do many things in their room, such as resting or sleeping, playing, studying, watching, and other things.

This also applies to girls. The ideal girl’s room must also be a playroom for the baby to support it to stay active. But, also don’t forget about aesthetics.

Come on, take a look at some of the following simple girl bedroom design inspirations!

Tips for Organizing Girls Room

Define Theme

The first thing that definitely comes to mind when you want to design a child’s bedroom is choosing a theme for the bedroom.

For girls, usually the desired bedroom has a girly and cheerful feel. Toppers must determine in advance the concept of the bedroom that the girl wants.Then Toppers can make it happen by choosing the appropriate furniture and needs for the contents in the room, or let the child choose the bedroom theme he wants and help make it happen.

Paint Color Selection

Paint colors for girls’ bedrooms are very influential in determining the atmosphere or mood in children. For girls, Toppers can use feminine colors such as white, pink, violet, or other pastel colors.

If you want to make an energetic impression, Toppers can use orange, yellow, red, and other bright colors.To create a soft and calm atmosphere, Toppers can use blue, purple, and other calm colors.

Another alternative if you want it to be more unique and simple, Toppers can use wallpaper with motifs and characters that children like.

Unique and Simple Decoration

Unique decorations will make a girl’s room more attractive. Children will also feel happier and more comfortable in their room.

If your little one likes characters like Barbie, Disney Princess, or other cartoons, Toppers can add furniture with these themes.

If your little one likes floral or floral motifs, Toppers can use bed sheets, blankets, and curtains with these floral motifs.

Toppers can also invite your little one to create and decorate their own room to suit their preferences and enhance their little one’s creativity.

Complete with a desk or study area

Of course, the room is not only used as a place to rest, but also to play and study.

So that the process of playing and learning for children is more fun, Toppers can add a table or study area according to the child’s preferences. Preferably, the table that will be used does not use too many accessories or decorations.Toppers can make a child’s study table that is minimalist, but still simple or simple, so that it makes children’s learning intentions increase.

Bed Selection

The selection of the model and size of the bed is a major consideration in designing a girls bedroom.

First measure the area of ​​the child’s bedroom, if it is large enough, Toppers can use a large mattress. However, if the size of the child’s room is not too wide, you can use a mattress with a medium size and has many functions.Now there are lots of mattresses with cabinets on each side so that they can also be used to store children’s things later.