7 Rooftop Garden Designs That Make Your Home Cooler

7 Rooftop Garden Designs That Make Your Home Cooler

Maybe you’ve been to a hotel or restaurant that has a rooftop garden as a place to relax, swim, and party. In commercial buildings, the existence of a rooftop garden will certainly produce good aesthetic qualities that also increase its commercial value.

It must be exciting if you have a rooftop garden in a private residence? The rooftop garden makes the roof area of ​​the residence a place for activities. For those of you who want to have a garden but until now it hasn’t been realized because of the narrow and limited land of the house, a rooftop garden can be one solution. You can relax, play, hang out with your family, even do farming at the rooftop garden. Here are 7 rooftop garden designs that you can make as a reference.

Rooftop Garden with Plant Variants

It is incomplete if the rooftop garden is not filled with ornamental plants. If you are the type of person who likes to plant and collect plants, then you are obliged to decorate your rooftop garden with various plants. Apart from ornamental and flowering plants, you can also plant herbs, hydroponics, and various other types of plants. Besides being beautiful, a rooftop garden like this can have health benefits for residents of the house.

Minimalist style rooftop

For some people who like a minimalist style, the existence of a rooftop must also be minimalist. If you want to apply a minimalist style, you can use natural and natural textures such as concrete and rock materials. Even so, it’s best if the rooftop is still decorated with green elements so that the atmosphere in the area is cool. Provide some small or medium sized plants or trees to accompany your rooftop garden.

Rooftop with Pool

The existence of the water element can certainly make the rooftop garden cooler and more beautiful. You can add a swimming pool or bathtub to your rooftop garden if space and costs are adequate. Consult with a structural expert if you want to make a large enough pool on your rooftop garden.

Pendopo for Relaxing

If you are worried that your rooftop garden is hot, you can add a pavilion to your rooftop garden. Apart from being a place to relax, the existence of the pavilion will also make your rooftop garden more beautiful. Another alternative is that you can provide a canopy so that the rooftop garden is cooler during the day and evening.

Rooftop Garden with Stones

Maybe you don’t want to use grass on your rooftop garden because the maintenance is quite difficult and complicated for you. Alternatively, you can add pool stones or white stones or pebbles to the rooftop garden. The advantage of using gravel or rocks on a rooftop garden is that the footing area will not be slippery and muddy.

Rooftop Garden Stage Model

So as not to be monotonous, you can also play with the floor height at the rooftop garden. You can vary the height of the rooftop garden with the use of a deck so that the higher deck becomes the focal point. This game of height patterns is suitable for use in cafes or restaurants that have a rooftop garden as a place for a gig, barbecue party, dining area, and so on.

Using Synthetic Grass

One of the challenges of using grass on a rooftop garden is the maintenance that needs to be done regularly. In addition, the soil medium required for planting grass also requires thickness and has a heavy load. Synthetic grass can be an alternative to replace real grass. By using synthetic grass, you will have a rooftop garden with a beautiful appearance but does not require an extra maintenance process.