7 Most Popular Ornamental Plants and Have Fantastic Prices

7 Most Popular Ornamental Plants and Have Fantastic Prices

Talking about ornamental plants, it is not just a matter of flowers. There are several ornamental plants that look beautiful because of their leaves, namely leaf ornamental plants. So, what are the types of ornamental plants that are most in demand?

Some of the beautiful leaves are collected by fans of ornamental plants. The following is a review of some of the most popular ornamental plants.

Anthurium Plants

This type of plant is very popular and has advantages in its leaves. The appearance of beautiful and varied leaves makes this type of plant a lot of enthusiasts.

Anthurium has a philosophy that represents beauty, good luck, protection, and against evil. Therefore, this plant is not wrong when given the label of a popular ornamental plant at a fairly expensive price.

Aglaonema plant

This plant, also known as Sri Rejeki, usually has a trending period of 2 years. Even so, this plant still has a lot of enthusiasm, especially if there are farmers who are successful in cross-breeding and getting new variants with various leaf patterns.

Various species of this plant include Red Silver, Chocin, Miss Thailand, Param Ruay, Pink Panther, Pride of Sumatra, Donna Carmen, and Lady Valentine. The Pink Panther is the most expensive species.

Philodendron plant

This plant is believed by people to shift the dominance of anthurium and aglaonema, this is because this ornamental plant has a unique stem and quite a lot of flower types. Of the many species of this plant, Cardinal Black is the most popular species. The price of this plant is cheaper than anthurium and aglaonema so that this plant can be used as an alternative that you can use to decorate your home.

Sansevieria plant

This plant has a beautiful shape and strong roots, it can even prevent erosion. With its unique shape, which is an indentation on the leaves, this plant has a high price. The more unique the shape, the more expensive it will be on the market.

Croton plant

This plant, which is commonly referred to by the name Kroton, is often found in the yard. Croton has various leaf colors, including red, purple, green, yellow, and orange. The most sought-after types are Red Aple, Metal, Oscar, King Earring, Arjuna Puring, Orange Asmara Puring, and Kura Croton.

Nepenthes plant

In Indonesia, this plant is better known as the Semar Bag. Plants belonging to this monotypic family have many types. There are about 200 types of Nepenthes plants. This plant that we can find on the island of Borneo has a unique shape, which has pockets that can catch insects. The habitat for growth is around the mountains.

Kadaka plant

This plant is typical of Indonesia. The best-selling types of this plant are the Curly Kadaka, the Osaka Kadaka, and the Snake Kadaka. This plant is a type of fern and is often referred to as a bird’s nest fern, the leaves of this plant are shaped like large and smooth chicken feathers. The bigger and finer the leaves, the more expensive this plant will be.