8 Minimalist Balcony Design Ideas

7 Minimalist Balcony Design Ideas

Often ignored, but in fact has a fairly important role in the comfort of the dwelling. these words are enough to describe the role of the balcony in a house or apartment.  The general definition of a balcony is a porch or small space located in a type of multi-storey building, but located in an outdoor area. This area aims to connect the residence with the outside area on the upper floor. As we know, fresh air and sunlight play an important role for a healthy and comfortable residence. so with a balcony, this area is the most appropriate place for residents to breathe fresh air and feel the sunlight that is exposed directly to your unit.

Let’s take a look at some minimalist balcony design ideas that you should apply. Relax, because the concept is minimalist, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or extra effort to change its appearance.

1. Simple and Still Comfortable

First, let’s look at a very simple view. Even though it’s simple, the atmosphere you get will actually be more comfortable for you to relax in the afternoon or evening. You just need to add this uniquely shaped hanging chair that can swing, then you can also add a bean bag for you to sit under while leaning back. As for the table, you can use table creations that are hung on the wall or balcony supports. This table design is perfect for a simple look, even its small size will not take up much space on your balcony.

2. Black and Minimalist Balcony Design

Black interior design always looks attractive. Of course, as long as you mix and match with other appropriate colors, the room will definitely look attractive. So you can apply a concept like this to the balcony area, you know. Try changing your wall color to black. For recommendations, it’s better to use a subtle black or slightly mixed with gray to keep the eyes light and comfortable. Then after that, you can also add a few hanging plants on the wall to beautify again.

3. Balcony with Cozy Small Sofa

Know the size of the balcony first, then after that you can add the appropriate small sofa. For that, you should not buy a sofa without knowing the size of the balcony first. The size of a balcony that tends to be small will indeed seem tricky to add furniture to it, because we are required to know the size first. In terms of design, you can bring your favorite colors to the sofa, table, or balcony floor. In this way, the atmosphere is so comfortable and makes you feel at home sitting for long.

4. Balcony Shades of Wood and Plants

Do you like a calm and cool atmosphere? Showing a balcony into a design like this is also very possible for you. Moreover, the “timeless” wood nuance is guaranteed to make the mood feel comfortable and warm. Here you need to add a little greenery in the form of hanging plants and flower pots in several corners of the room. You don’t need a lot and try not to use vines that are too long, so the room still looks free.

5. Interesting Color Concept

You are more interested in using many colors on the balcony concept? Interesting idea! Let’s change the look of the balcony which is only filled with hangers and cleaning tools, with some ornaments like this. For color, it is recommended to use colors that seem soft, so they don’t bother the eyes if they are too flashy. Ornaments that can beautify here can be in the form of sofa cushions, tables, lamps, and others. Try mixing blue, yellow, and red. These colors are guaranteed to make the mood more cheerful

6. Modern Minimalist “Timeless”

A stylish minimalist balcony design like this can also be the right choice. The reason is, you don’t need to change the appearance a lot and spend more on buying excessive furniture. The easy step is to add a sofa chair with a black and white base, then place the base on the floor with a striped color, and don’t forget to add a flower pot on the table. Here you can also be creative using a choice of your favorite flowers.

7. Relax with Hammock on the Balcony

For those of you millennials, adding a hammock on the balcony must be an interesting idea. Basically, the balcony is indeed a pleasant place to relax while enjoying the outside view. Now with this hammock, the place to relax is definitely more enjoyable. Especially if you are busy gathering with friends here.