7 Flower Paintings that are Ready to Beautify Your Home Interior Design

7 Flower Paintings that are Ready to Beautify Your Home Interior Design

Actually, is it still time to use flower paintings to complement the interior design of the house? As one of the most favorite wall decorations, many may feel that flower paintings are no longer relevant or old-fashioned. In fact, flower paintings continue to be present in various new styles that are worth ogling.

Well, below, Kania has prepared seven beautiful flower painting ideas that will definitely make you want to have them to decorate the interior of your home design. Come on, just take a peek below!

Monochrome flower painting

Fans of wall decorations should use flower paintings as a sweetener for interior designs. There is no limit between the choice of flower paintings and other wall decorations that are more abstract. You can mix and match the many flower painting options available in your home for the most beautiful results.

Flower Painting with Warm & Homey Effect

With a Japanese chic home style, the interior design team chose a flower painting that is more contemporary and suitable for this residence. In accordance with the finishing which is mostly wood, the flower painting is beautifully framed with a warm wood frame. This can be an idea for those of you who don’t want a large flower painting, but it can be separated into several small pictures that are still floral themed.

Relax Expression Before Activities

Wall decorations, including flower paintings, can be an expression of a powerful message in everyday life. The inspiration for this pair of lavender flower paintings could be an example. Installed in a stylish dining area, the presence of floral paintings makes the interior design mood more classy and calming.

The Most Matching Artistic Flower Painting

For those of you who have a large residence, choosing a large flower painting doesn’t hurt. However, pay attention to the color element. Keep adjusting the colors on the furniture, furnishings, walls, even the floors and ceilings of the house. This one inspiration uses an abstract flower painting with a purplish blue color, but still dominated by a white color that matches the surroundings. Very eye catching, right?

Modern Minimalist Flower Painting

Keep the assumption that flower paintings are only for old-fashioned decorations that are not trendy. The proof is that many flower paintings have artistic value for modern minimalist homes, such as the idea above. This flower painting carries a tropical theme, where there are not only flowers, but also refreshing green leaves. This attractive flower painting is suitable for the millennial style, which is cleaner and less complicated.

Painting Flowers Merging on the Wall

Finally, the meaning of a flower painting can go beyond a field in a frame. Painting flowers can also take the whole mural concept, like the charming inspiration above. By utilizing all parts of the wall, flower painting becomes a unique wallpaper that is second to none. That way, housing becomes more space-saving, aka saving space because there is no need to place the frame again.

Natural Colors in Japandi Residence

For a space-saving Japanese house project, the team used many combinations of materials that are all relaxing. The use of natural wood colors will look sweet when combined with flower paintings. So that it fits, the flower painting is chosen which is more minimalist in the style of Japanese interior design. Finally, this bedroom is also beautified with abstract paintings with more vibrant colors.

Those are seven flower painting ideas that you can apply in the interior of your home design. Out of all of them, which one is your favourite? Don’t forget, you can find a variety of contemporary flower paintings here, you know!

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