7 Easy Ways to Plant Chilies for Fast Fruiting

7 Easy Ways to Plant Chilies for Fast Fruiting

Behind the spicy taste, it turns out that chili has a lot of nutritional content that is very good for your body. This is of course not only to complement the nutritional levels in the body, but the nutritional content in chilies also has many other benefits. From health to beauty.

Chili Nutrition Content: Calories; Sodium; Potassium; Carbohydrate; Fiber; Proteins; Calcium; Magnesium; Iron; Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and D. With the many available nutrients and the many fans of spicy food, there is a boom in the business of spicy food and snacks. And this is of course also very beneficial for chili farmers, and we can imitate the method of growing chilies at home.

Choose Quality Chili Seeds

The first thing we must pay attention to in how to plant chilies so that they bear fruit quickly is to choose good quality chili seeds. There are many ways to get chili seeds which are almost the same as the Mushroom Cultivation Method, we can get chili seeds by buying them in stores or directly from chili farmers, and we can also get seeds by directly taking them from the fruit.

If you want to get chili seeds from how to take from the fruit, make sure the chili comes from a quality parent with thick leaves and heavy fruit, when it enters the fruiting phase, pick the part of the chili that is really old and the outer skin looks shiny red. Do not take from chili fruit that is rotten.

Remove the Chili Seeds from the Fruit

Make an incision on the chili fruit into two parts, do it carefully because besides being able to hurt your hands, the wrong incision can also injure the chili seeds that you want to use as seeds. If so, remove the chili seeds that are inside. Choose the seeds in the middle because they are the best seeds than those at the two ends.

Dry the Chilli Seeds

The next thing we have to do is dry the chili seeds in the sun, make sure to make the chili seeds dry by aerating. We can use a tray or winnowing for the process.

Chili Seed Selection

Before doing the seedling process on chili seeds, we select the quality chili seeds with the best growth power and separate them from chili seeds that are not suitable for use as seeds. The trick, put the chili seeds in a nutrient solution or ordinary mineral water, let stand for one night and see the next day. We can use the seeds of chili that sink to be used as plant seeds, while the seeds that float we can definitely not be used as seeds. the seed because it’s an empty seed (empty)

Start Seeding

If you have got good chili seeds, then we can start seeding first to get quality chili seeds too. The quick way for chili seeds to sprout quickly is by using seedling media in the form of soil that has been mixed with husks and manure. The comparison is 2: 1: 1.

Sprinkle the seeds on top of the planting medium and cover lightly with mixed soil until completely covered. Place it in a room that has less light and cover the surface of the seedling media with a black cloth that has large pores. Approximately 3 to 5 days the shoots on the seeds have appeared and wait for the shoots to reach a height of about 5 to 10cm to be transferred to the planting medium.

Move to Planting Media

In order for the chilies that we plant to bear fruit quickly, we can choose two planting media, namely, the first pot planting media and the second hydroponic method. But it would be better if you plant chilies in pots because they will last longer.

Start Chili Plant Care

The most important thing in how to plant chilies so that they bear fruit quickly is by taking proper care. This is very important and you should know because the harvest depends on the treatment process that you do. The better the process of taking care of it, the better and faster you can harvest chilies.