7 Easy Methods to Get Rid of Termites Naturally

7 Easy Methods to Get Rid of Termites Naturally

Of course, you have created termites in the corner of the house or in the corners of the furniture. Termites are one of the dangerous pests that can interfere with wood-based items in the house. Well, to be free from unwanted destruction, it means for you to know the proper and correct method of eradicating termites.

Termites are said to be dangerous because they can cause a lot of damage near the house, moreover they can cause collapse if not addressed. Not only eating something made of wood, termites also often eat piles of paper such as documents, and paper money if not placed properly.

There are many methods to get rid of termites at home, from changing the material of the furniture, using a termite spray, to protecting furniture in natural ways at home. For those of you who want to know how to get rid of termites naturally, come on, follow the full news below!

Guide to Getting Rid of Termites at Home

  • Drying Wooden Furniture
  • Provide a Wide Ventilation Space
  • Lower the Room Temperature
  • Avoid Puddles
  • Close Cracked Walls
  • Using Camphor
  • Salt Water
  • Guide to Getting Rid of Termites at Home
  • Here’s an easy guide to getting rid of termites at home that you can follow.
  • Drying Wooden Furniture

Termites really like wood-based furniture. Although at first it looks like it has only been eaten a little, but over time the furniture can become brittle and collapse.

The first termite eradication method that you can do is to dry all the wood-based furniture that you have. Put the furniture in the sun for a long time. This can protect the furniture from getting wet. Because, damp furniture will attract termites and make furniture damaged.

Provide a Wide Ventilation Space

It should be noted that termites can easily arise when the room feels stuffy and damp. That is why, it means that the house is filled with sufficient air flow and light, so that the room does not feel damp and is not inhabited by termites.

Well, a very easy way to make the air flow well in the house is to provide or widen the ventilation in the house. Through the spacious ventilation space, air and light can exchange, and are free from termites.

Lower the Room Temperature

Not only does it require wide ventilation, the house needs a low room temperature to avoid termites. The reason is that termites really like the condition of the house with a humid and hot room temperature.

To be free from termites, lower the room temperature in the house until it feels cold, especially in a room that has a lot of wood-based furniture.

Avoid Puddles

Puddles of water can actually be a nest for termites to breed, you know. So from that, making sure there are no puddles in front of the house, can be an effective method of eradicating termites.

Rinse puddles of residual rain and gutter areas regularly so that there is no place for termites to breed. Not only that, stagnant and dirty sewers can also cause mosquitoes and cause unpleasant odors.

Close Cracked Walls

Have you ever created a cracked house wall? If you have time, you must cover the cracked wall with the encouragement of white cement. Because, cracked walls can be a pathway for termites to enter the house.

If termites have started to enter the house, then termites can multiply and spend wood on furniture near your house. Well, as a home owner you have to check the condition and condition of the house regularly to make sure that no damage has occurred.

Using Camphor

Not only preventive measures, there are also methods of eradicating termites with ingredients that are easily found at home. One of them is with camphor. In fact, camphor is indeed one of the effective and effective drugs to get rid of termites.

Camphor has a variety of chemicals that can kill termites and small insects such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, and others. Camphor is a must for you to have at home because it is very functional and can be used anytime.

Salt Water

If there is no camphor, you can also use table salt at home. You can dissolve table salt with water, and put it in a spray bottle. After that, spray the salt water liquid on the furniture made from wood or the corner of the wall that has become a termite nest. Termites will certainly die one by one and no longer live in your house.

In addition to the natural method above, you can also call for a reliable termite exterminator if you want to get rid of it quickly and clean perfectly. Even though it generates more money, it would be better to try it as soon as possible, so that the home furniture is not damaged and worn out.