The following ceramic colors and motifs can make your residential home look wider and more spacious.

Ceramic Motif Colors To Make Small Houses Look Spacious and Beautiful – Having a home that looks spacious and beautiful is everyone’s dream. So what if the residential house you have is small and minimalist, can it make the room look wider and more spacious than its original size? The answer is, of course you can!

The selection of the right color and floor tiles motif can be used as an alternative way that you can use to get around the size of the dwelling.

Therefore, this time will share information about the colors and motifs of floor tiles that are suitable for small houses to make it look wider and of course beautiful. Read on for the following article, OK!

Floor Ceramic Motifs For Small Houses

Having a spacious and spacious residence is everyone’s dream. In addition to making it easier to arrange the interior, a spacious residence can also make the room feel more comfortable when occupied. Small houses can also be handled in various ways to make them look wider and more spacious. One of them is by considering the selection of the right color and motif for the ceramic floor.

Of course, to get a room that looks wider and more spacious, you need to choose neutral colored floor tiles such as white, gray, black and other neutral colors. The motifs on the ceramics must also support a minimalist theme so that the room looks cleaner and more elegant.

Here are some color recommendations along with ceramic floor motifs that are suitable for small homes.

White Marble Ceramic

The first recommendation for a small minimalist house is white marble floor tiles. As we all know, white will give the impression that the room looks cleaner and feels more spacious. Moreover, the marble pattern on the ceramic will make the residence look more elegant and luxurious.

Usually this marble pattern will be very suitable to be combined with a modern minimalist residential theme which is dominated by the use of white and cream interiors. But keep in mind, if you want an elegant and luxurious-looking residence with marble tiles, you need to spend more because the price of marble tiles will be more expensive than other types of ceramics.

Another advantage of this white marble ceramic is that it can disguise the dust in the room. Because the marble pattern will give an abstract impression on the ceramics, so that dust and dirt on the floor can be slightly disguised. Even so, you still have to be diligent in cleaning the floor at least once a day.

Black Marble Ceramic

The black color is synonymous with an elegant and luxurious atmosphere. Moreover, if the black color is combined with a marble pattern, the results will be very charming. The use of black ceramic with a marble pattern will be very suitable to be applied to a medium to small sized dwelling because it can give the impression that the room looks wider and of course elegant.

Just like the advantages of white marble tiles, black ceramics can disguise dust and dirt that sticks to the floor.

If you want a floor made of marble, of course you have to prepare more budget because this type of ceramic is quite expensive compared to other types of ceramics.

Exposure Cement Ceramic

For those of you who have a residential house with a modern industrial theme, then the use of exposed cement floor tiles is the right choice. This modern industrial themed residence elevates a minimalist concept combined with an industrial style. Usually the interior used in the residence will be dominated by neutral colors such as gray, black, and white.

Besides being able to give an elegant minimalist impression, this exposed cement ceramic can also give a broad impression to the room because it doesn’t have a pattern that is too crowded.

Wooden Motif Brown Ceramics

Are you interested in a warm and homey style of home? Then you can apply the use of this wood motif brown ceramic in your residential home. This ceramic will give the impression of a residence that still feels classic and elegant.

This brown ceramic with wood motif will be very suitable to be combined with a country or traditional style dwelling because it can highlight the warm atmosphere of the dwelling. In addition, wood motif ceramics can also make the room feel wider than its original size because the motifs that are highlighted are not too crowded.

Plain White Ceramic

Plain white ceramic is no doubt. The use of plain white on the ceramic floor can make the room look wider. You can use ceramics with a size of 30 cm and above to get maximum results.

This type of plain ceramic is indeed suitable to be applied to various kinds of residential themes, whether it’s a minimalist theme, modern industrial, and so on. Of course, if you want to use this plain ceramic, you must be able to choose an interior that is still harmonious and suitable to be combined with the color of the ceramic to make it look more charming.

The textures offered by this plain white ceramic are also varied. Starting from the glossy texture, matte, and so on.

Ceramic Ash – Ash Doff

If you want floor tiles with neutral colors and not too many motifs on the tiles, then this matte gray ceramic type is the right choice. The doff appearance on the ceramic will make the room look wider and certainly more minimalist.

This matte gray ceramic will be very suitable to be applied to a modern industrial style residence. The placement and selection of furniture is also one of the things that must be considered in order to blend with the color of the floor.

Creamy Ceramic

In addition to being able to give the impression that the residence looks wider, this cream color ceramic can also disguise dust and dirt on the floor. If you don’t like plain cream ceramics that much, then you can choose several motifs on the beige ceramics such as granite motifs, printing motifs, and so on.

The various motifs offered on ceramic printing will make it easier for you in the process of selecting ceramics that match the residential theme.

If you choose to apply printed ceramic motifs, of course you have to adjust the furniture and knick-knacks used in the room to make it look matching and harmonious.