7 Benefits of Granite for Human Life

7 Benefits of Granite for Human Life

The 7 benefits of granite for human life are not only for the field of building construction, but there are many fields that may be rarely known. This is related to the characteristics of granite, which is an igneous rock that has high strength. The minerals in granite are alkaline feldspar and plagioclase feldspar. These two minerals give granite its color and pattern.

Here are 7 benefits of granite for human life

Granite has an average density between 2.65 and 2.75 grams per cubic centimeter, depending on the quality. This density will provide more durable strength. Apart from that, the compounds in the solid granite also make it more resistant to water, moisture, and scratches. These characteristics make granite usable in many areas of human life. The uses of granite for everyday life include the following:

The basic material of construction and exterior architecture

The benefit of granite that is often encountered is its use in the construction and exterior architectural fields. Granite is often used as an aesthetic material outside the home because it can give an elegant and luxurious impression. Usually in residential homes, granite is used as a wall covering to decorate the house. In the construction sector on a larger scale, the use of granite is also commonly found in building projects, monuments, or bridges. Until now, granite is still the rock used in the construction sector. This is related to the advantages of granite, both physically and in terms of aesthetics.

Basic materials for construction and interior architecture

Granite, which has many motifs and colors, is often used as an aesthetic material or upholstery in the house, whether it’s for the floor, kitchen table, or wall. In addition, there are also some furniture accents that can be made of granite, such as the sink box, fireplace box, or part of the stairs. Even though it has a relatively more expensive price when compared to granite floor tiles or other rocks, the use of granite is still stable. This is because granite can give the room a luxurious and cool impression.

The basic material for paving

Who would have thought that there are also paving roads made with a mixture of granite. In the past, the daily benefits of granite were often used as a material for making road paving. This is because the color and strength of the granite are suitable for the outside environment. Colorful paving in the past usually uses a mixture of granite. However, the existence of paving made with granite mixture is now starting to be abandoned, and replaced with paving made from concrete and asphalt. This is related to the price of granite which keeps getting more expensive from time to time.

Tombstone material

This durable natural rock is also commonly used as a tombstone material. The country that often makes tombstones from granite is the United States, from ancient times until today. Granite that is stronger and more resistant to moisture will be safer to place outdoors. Apart from that, granite can also be carved. These characteristics are utilized from granite for tombstones.

Jewelry stone material

In addition to the construction sector, granite is also usually used as a base for jewelry. This is done because in the granite there is a substance that is bright blue in color. These are blue azurite balls. This ball will give the impression of sparkling like crystals and gems. The United States of America is a country that produces granite jewelry which is quite popular in the market.

Materials for making sculptures and carvings

The next benefit of granite is in the field of art, namely as a material for making sculptures and carvings such as sculpture and other fine arts. This is related to the history of the world which is quite famous. Granite was apparently used in the construction of pyramids in Egypt during Ancient Egypt. Apart from that, granite was also used as a material for making columns, structures and other sculptures at that time. Granite does have characteristics that match fine art materials. Granite not only looks luxurious for sculpture, but also has high durability and strength, making it suitable for use as a statue or monument material on a large scale.

A medium for rock climbing

Mountains or cliffs that are formed naturally from granite are often used as a medium for rock climbing. Some cliffs such as cliffs in the Western Alps, the French Karakoram mountains, the California Ysernite mountains, or the Corsica mountains are part of nature formed from natural granite which is often used to perform these extreme sports