6 Ways to Make Compost from Household Waste

6 Ways to Make Compost from Household Waste

Compost is a growing medium that is widely used by a number of people. Because to get this fertilizer, it can be produced cheaply by using kitchen scraps or household waste.
In addition, one of the advantages of this compost is that it can be produced from home. Of course, these activities make activities more productive.

By using compost with this basic material, the plants can grow well.

Here are some ways to process compost.

1. Kitchen waste in the form of recycled waste such as vegetable scraps, meat scraps, egg shells, paper towels and expired kitchen ingredients can be the main material for compost making.
2. Prepare a large container with a lid. In the container later to mix kitchen waste, soil and water.
3. Make sure the thickness of kitchen waste is 1: 1 to the thickness of the soil. Don’t forget to cover the mixture so you don’t get contaminated with rainwater and sun exposure.
4. On the fourth day, maintain the temperature and humidity of the compost by turning the ingredients over and pouring enough water.
5. The process of turning this material is continued until the material turns brownish black and the volume has shrunk by 50{d50e0571c5be256f2244e3785f87da3cc3547cbc1b0d530766df4d76d0d7aa90}.
6. Compost is finished after 40 to 50 days with brown characteristics, loose texture and odorless.

From now on, let’s use kitchen waste into compost. Plants are fertile, and we also protect the environment.