How to clean carpets without a vacuum cleaner does require extra effort. How not, only need to direct the vacuum cleaner to the surface of the carpet. That way, the dust will automatically be sucked in.

Meanwhile, not everyone has a vacuum cleaner and your carpet must be cleaned so it doesn’t become a hotbed of disease and insects. In addition, the treatment method for each type of carpet is different, especially plastic carpets and fur carpets.

Feather rugs are more fibrous so they have an uneven surface so dirt can get stuck in tight crevices. That is why, these carpets tend to be more difficult to clean. However, you can try some of these tips for cleaning carpets without a vacuum cleaner!

Here are 6 ways to clean carpets manually without a vacuum cleaner that you can do at home.

Use Broom

Who doesn’t have a broom and dustpan at home? You can use these two tools as a way to clean carpets without a vacuum cleaner. Here, too, you are free to use which type of broom, either palm fiber or plastic.

Plastic brooms tend to be stronger with a rougher surface than fiber brooms. also requires a dustpan to remove dirt from the carpet. However, don’t forget to collect dirt to one point first, okay?

Once collected in the dustpan, throw the dirt outside the house. Unfortunately, you can’t use this method on fur rugs because broom lint can be left between the rugs.

For that, you can use a lint roller. You can roll this tool into every corner of the rug until the fur is stuck there. For those of you who don’t know, a lint roller is a cleaning tool to remove dirt without pulling the fabric.

Hang and Hit with Rattan

If you have a silk carpet, special washing and cleaning techniques are needed. The reason is, the fiber has a smooth material, flammable, and has high absorption.

Even without a vacuum cleaner, you can actually clean this type of carpet. You only need to prepare the rattan. Then, hang the silk rug on a clean fence to remove any insects that might be hiding.

After that, pat the carpet with wood rattan until the dust falls out. When hitting the carpet, don’t forget to wear a mask to protect the respiratory tract from scattered dust.

If possible, dry the carpet once a week regardless of the material. However, it is necessary to dry the carpet in a shady place while occasionally being beaten with rattan.

Use Brush

If the carpet you are using is made of synthetic bristles, try using a brush with stiff bristles. This is because this type of brush does not fall out easily.

In addition, a stiff bristle brush is stronger at pulling dirt when brushing the carpet surface. can choose a nylon brush for this method, yes.

To use a brush to clean carpets without a vacuum cleaner, simply scrub the surface in a unidirectional motion. For example, you can rub it from right to left, or top to bottom.

Do not rush to brush so that the dirt can be removed completely. You can brush the carpet by hanging it. Its function is so that some of the dirt falls out.

Using Kitchen Tissue

Like clothes, carpets can last longer if they are cleaned immediately when they are stained. This is because dry stains are more difficult to clean than wet stains.

If this happens to you, try using kitchen paper. Kitchen tissue has the characteristics of being stiffer with a rougher surface than toilet paper.

If it’s only exposed to water, apply kitchen tissue directly to a wet surface. After that, press until the water is absorbed into the tissue and repeat this method until the carpet is completely dry.

If you spill tea, coffee, or oil, this method only requires adding baking soda or vinegar. Both of these materials function to shed stains and remove odors on the carpet.

 You can dissolve any of these ingredients in water and put it in a spray bottle. Then, spray the material onto the stained area and let it sit for a few minutes. When finished, wipe with a tissue until clean.

You can dry the carpet with a hair dryer. Try using wind only mode and aim for the wet part. This is because some carpet materials can be damaged when exposed to hot temperatures, such as leather carpets.

Spray with High Pressure

If you have a compressor or hose with a high pressure spray, these can be used to clean carpets. Thanks to water sprayed with high pressure, dust can be removed to the maximum. Here’s how.

  •     Hang the rug on a fence or folding clothesline.
  •     Direct the spray from top to bottom so that the dirt that is in between the carpet falls down.
  •     Spray water over the entire surface of the carpet.
  •     Dry until no remaining water is absorbed in it.
  •     Occasionally turn the carpet so that the bottom is maximum dry.

This is because the carpet is still damp will smell musty. When used, the carpet will be easy to mold and invite insects to come. Meanwhile, you also can’t dry the carpet directly in the sun.

Ultraviolet rays with high heat temperatures can make the carpet color fade quickly. Therefore, dry the carpet in the shade, yes!

Carpet Wash

Before washing the carpet, you should hang it and then hit it with rattan. The goal is to reduce the dust on the carpet. After that, just spray the carpet with water until it seeps into the sidelines of the carpet.

Use a special carpet cleaning fluid. If you don’t have it, you can apply shampoo until it’s foamy. For stubborn stains, you can brush the carpet before rinsing can be brushed before rinsing.

After completely clean, rinse using clean water. Don’t let soap residue stick to the carpet. Dry by spreading the rug vertically.

The drying process usually takes all day. We recommend that you wash the carpet on the weekends. Carpets can be washed every 3-4 months.

In addition, don’t forget to apply how to clean the carpet without a vacuum cleaner once a week. That way, the carpet will be clean and comfortable to use.

6 Ways to Clean Carpets Manually Without a Vacuum Cleaner