Have a lot of flowers or ornamental plants in your yard and confused about how to arrange them to look beautiful? Come on, follow 6 ways to arrange flowers in front of the house here! Flowers as beautiful as any will look less beautiful if stored in a careless place. Therefore, you must know the right way to arrange flowers so that your page looks more attractive. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult to arrange flowers in front of the house, Curious how?

Grouping of Flower Types

Line up the ornamental plants of the same type in one corner in front of your house. Grouping ornamental plants makes the area look more harmonious and less cluttered.

Adjust Lineup

If it has been grouped and lined up, give the distance between the plants. Create a clear line, decide if you want to make a line that is curved, round, square, or any shape you want. Adjust the row to the condition of the area of ​​the page, if the page is square, you can line up the plants with curved shapes to make it look contrast. Ornamental plants that are arranged in contrast to the shape of the page can make the page look not stiff.

Creating the Center Point

In order for ornamental plants to look attractive, create a central point so that the view is interested in 1 type of plant that is made into a page icon. Choose a superior type of plant that looks different from other flowers. This can make the home page look more unique and not monotonous.

Positioning the Plants

Adjust the position of the plant according to the height of the plant. Place taller plants in the back, while shorter plants are kept in the front. This makes all plants clearly visible and not obscured by other plants.

Perform Elimination

Replace your flowers or ornamental plants that are unhealthy, dry, and wilted with plants that are still healthy. This can make the page look always fresh and cool.

View Alignment

See the harmony of houseplants and lawns. Arrange the plants to look neater and make people comfortable looking at them.

Storage of Flowers or Ornamental Plants

Take advantage of the Plant Rack If you have a small yard, you can store your flowers or ornamental plants on a plant rack. Plant racks allow you to store lots of ornamental plants without taking up too much space. Choose a shelf with a style that matches the style of your yard, for example, choose a rustic style shelf if you want a rustic page.

Using Hanging Pots

You can also use hanging pots to store your favorite flowers or ornamental plants. Small hanging pots can make the page look more minimalist. Meanwhile, large hanging pots are suitable for shady ornamental plants and can make the yard look more beautiful.

Maximize Page Angles

If you want a page that feels spacious, you can maximize the corner of your home page. Keep all your ornamental plants in the corners of the page so that the center of the page becomes empty and looks more spacious.

Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens can be a solution if your yard is not wide enough. This garden is in a vertical form and is usually attached to a wall or fence.

Place it in the Staircase Area

Get around ornamental plants or flowers on the stairs of your house. This can make the staircase area look more charming and beautiful.

6 Ways to Arrange Flowers in Front of the House to Look Beautiful and Charming