6 Special Tricks To Change A Small Bathroom So Luxurious

6 Special Tricks To Change A Small Bathroom So Luxurious

The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that can cost a lot of money when renovating, after the kitchen. But don’t worry, there are alternatives to make the bathroom at home look more luxurious, such as adding marble tiles, tubs, showers that can add a luxurious look to your bathroom.

Apart from buying, it turns out that renting can be another way to have a luxurious bathroom. By adding small details such as storage, mirrors, doormats, you can add a luxurious feel to the bathroom. Here are some affordable bathroom decorating ideas that can be your alternatives:

Use a hanging mirror

The use of a hanging mirror can actually show the personality of the occupants. Because with the use of this mirror, you can maximize the use of the storage area that is under your sink. Can be started by sorting the items to be stored. However, if you have a special budget, you can also make a do-it-yourself mirror to put in your bathroom.

Decorate the wall with your favorite motif

Wallpaper can be your choice for use in the bathroom. Maybe, using wallpaper is more costly and time consuming, but it will all pay off when it’s done. If you don’t want to do a complete renovation, you can still use a little wallpaper in certain parts to decorate the walls in your bathroom.

Take advantage of the hanger to make it look neat

A messy place. The bathroom can be one of them. If there is no place to put towels or just utensils, adding a hanger can help tidy up the bathroom. You can put the hanger beside the sink to put a washcloth. These little things can also help to make the bathroom look more tidy and luxurious.

Elegant brass finish

Adding a touch of brass can give a luxurious impression. There is no need to replace everything with a new one. You can replace just a few, it can be started from brass soap holders, mirror edges, bottles for shampoo or the soap itself.

Give a pendant lamp as decoration

Add decorative lights to decorate the bathroom to add a luxurious style to your bathroom. In addition, decorative lights can be a lighting option that can be an alternative option without requiring a lot of money. With a wide selection of decorative lights, you can easily find the types of lamps you like, one of which is a pendant lamp.

Don’t forget the details!

Small details do not escape your vision in arranging a bathroom. Details such as a toothbrush holder, coir holder and other knick-knacks can also give a luxurious effect to your bathroom. Various choices of knick-knacks such as copper, brass or metal can be an alternative for you to have at home.