6 Room Solutions for Lack of Light, Tips for Making Dark Interiors Bright

6 Room Solutions for Lack of Light, Tips for Making Dark Interiors Bright

It’s not comfortable if you live in a house that lacks light. In addition to its invisible charm, the house feels cramped and stuffy. But what can you do, building windows cannot be done because the condition of the house is too close to the neighbors.  wait, you can still create a brighter house even without windows. Here’s the secret!

Wall Color

Bright colors are able to continue the light in the house. Because of this nature, you should choose light colors to decorate a dark house. Of the many types of light colors, of course white is the best. It’s just, sometimes this white color looks boring. Therefore, you can choose the type of white color that is not plain. For example, brownish white, bluish white, or greenish white. Next, paint this color on the walls and ceiling of the room.

Fresh Wall Decoration

Of course, you can’t let the walls of the house appear monotonous without any decoration. Well, usually most people will hang photos and paintings on this wall. To make the interior brighter, try to use this wall display to describe a refreshing atmosphere, such as a view on the beach or a meadow. Avoid painting that looks dark because it will make the room more gloomy.

Glass Furniture

Its translucent nature makes the existence of this glass furniture seem non-existent. In addition, the furniture also looks more luxurious thanks to the reflected light. Try applying this glass material to tables, cabinets, and wall shelves.


The addition of a mirror in a room will double the amount of light in the room. At the same time, the mirror also makes the room appear larger than its actual size. You can stick this large mirror on one wall of the room so that the effect is more pronounced.

Ceramic Floor

Ceramic floors are famous for their glossy surface. That is why, the nature of ceramics is also similar to a mirror which will make the room brighter. In addition to the floor, ceramics can also be applied to interior walls. Try to choose a light colored ceramic so that it can transmit light well.

Acrylic Furniture

If you want a brighter house, decorate the interior with acrylic furniture. Just like glass, acrylic is also see-through. The difference is, if the glass only has a clear color, then this acrylic has a thin color. Usually, this acrylic material is applied to furniture legs, cabinet glass, lampshades, and flower vases.