6 Mistakes That Make Your Home Hard to Sell When Sold

6 Mistakes That Make Your Home Hard to Sell When Sold

There are many ads that read houses for sale. Advertising on online home buying and selling sites is a favorite. Is it that easy to sell a house? In fact, there are several reasons that make the house take so long to sell. Especially if the house to be sold is marketed through online services. This method is claimed to be easier, faster and more practical and allows prospective buyers to easily find it. Here are some mistakes we should be aware of:

Set house prices without wise consideration

The price of a house for sale is still a sensitive issue for Indonesians. The ability to buy a house at a very high price is still a consideration for the community. The first thing is about the location of the house to be sold. If you want sell a house at a high price, but its location is on the outskirts of the city, of course, it will make many people turn to houses that are cheaper. The next example is the factor of land area and building area. This area will usually be a consideration for potential buyers to buy a home.

If we want sell a house with a small building and land area, but set a high price, prospective buyers will certainly think twice about buying the house. In addition, we should also be flexible when talking about the price of the house to be sold. In order not to be devoid of enthusiasts, then we must prepare bargains. Don’t be too adamant about the price we offer to prospective buyers. If it continues to be forced, then no one will be interested in the house we are selling. So that this does not happen to those of us who are planning to sell, always pay attention to the market price of a house. For example, if we have a house in the city of Bekasi, make sure not to put the selling price like in Jakarta.

Once again, consider the price in accordance with the conditions of the house to be sold. Do not set too high, and make it a habit to always do the bargaining process, so that it will be sold.

The location of the house is not supported by public facilities

The next mistake of selling a house is selling a place to live that is not strategically located. For example, this location is in places that are located in narrow alleys, far from public facilities such as hospitals, schools, and minimarkets. If this happens, usually many prospective buyers begin to discourage buying a house with a location that is not strategic. However, it will be different if the location of the house for sale is close to public facilities. If necessary, when we place an advertisement for “house for sale”, explain in detail about the public facilities in the vicinity.

Don’t put a “gross price”

Apart from the high price, there is still the term “gross price” which is often used by the home seller. The gross price in question is of course not the price that was intentionally increased because many people are looking for houses. However, this term is a price that has been calculated based on administrative costs during the buying and selling process.

When going to sell a house, of course we need to take care of administrative costs when the buying and selling process will take place. For example, when selling a house, you should use the services of a notary so legally there are no harmful mistakes in the future. Well, in addition to notary fees, there are quite a lot of other costs. For example, the Sale and Purchase Deed Fee certificate name reversal, tax validation and there may be additional costs according to our agreement with the notary.

This fee will still be added with Land and Building Tax, and Income Tax. The value of all these costs in total is quite high. Therefore, it is necessary to set a house price which at least has been taken into account with these additional administrative costs. With a note, when placing an advertisement for “houses for sale” later, we will mention that the house price includes administrative costs in the purchase process. Prospective buyers will certainly understand this condition, and of course it will be easier for them, because they no longer need to deal with these costs when the negotiation process of the sale and purchase is underway.

Don’t trust the notary

The next mistake that can be avoided is to take care of all home sales independently. This means that we do not cooperate with a notary to handle documents related to the legality of selling a house. Especially if selling a house is usually very closely related to the legality of the sale. Unfortunately, there are still many people who only think about the house being sold quickly, without considering the legality aspect. Therefore, avoid taking care of everything yourself. Trusting and consulting a notary is the right step before selling a house.

Cooperate with agents who are not credible

Selling a house in collaboration with property agents is one way that is quite often done to sell a house. But don’t take the wrong step in choosing a property agent. Choose property agents who already have a good reputation. If you choose the wrong agent, or happen to meet a “naughty” agent, the home seller might end up losing money.