Basically, the ceiling of a minimalist house functions as a cover for the roof frame. However, at this time the ceiling of a minimalist house can also be a place of expression and exploration that can add to the aesthetic value of the space.

Not surprisingly, now appears a minimalist home ceiling with a unique design. In addition to being painted in attractive colors, minimalist home ceilings are also often carved with certain ornaments. Minimalist home ceilings that are designed differently can later affect the overall appearance of the room.

A minimalist home ceiling can also give a luxurious impression to the room. Minimalist house ceilings with a magnificent appearance are usually installed in public places, such as hotels or restaurants. Eits, although that doesn’t mean a minimalist home ceiling with a stunning appearance can’t be created in your room, you know. They are an example!

Concave panel minimalist house ceiling

No one can resist the charm of a room that has a minimalist home ceiling with a concave panel model. This minimalist square-shaped ceiling adds an elegant impression to your home ceiling. You can get this look by installing a series of decorative blocks with the same pattern and size.

This minimalist home ceiling model and its color combination looks more elegant and can give the impression of being cool, comfortable and of course dynamic. This minimalist home ceiling deserves to be a favorite.

Minimalist house ceiling with drop lights

This minimalist home ceiling with drop lights gives a majestic and luxurious impression to the room. The combination of a minimalist home ceiling with the right lighting makes the ceiling look more attractive. You can put lights in certain patterns neatly and combine them with your favorite minimalist home ceiling model.

Lights that are installed in a straight line can give the impression of a wider room. Although it looks attractive, never install too many lights. This minimalist home ceiling model also presents the impression of a higher and more spacious room.

Minimalist Home Ceiling Reflected Light

Recessed lighting has the unique ability to soften sharp lines and add comfort to a room. Usually using LED lights that are placed in a hidden gap in the ceiling of a minimalist house. This minimalist home ceiling idea can also form dimensions on the ceiling.

The light generated from this minimalist home ceiling design idea is reflected light. Therefore, the light source from the bulb should not be visually visible. The distribution of light must also be even. There should be no dark space (blank spot) between the light. Therefore, the technique of installing lights must be thorough and careful.

Geometric minimalist house ceiling

This minimalist home ceiling idea ensures your room has the right edge. Besides being able to protect you from dust on the roof, a minimalist home ceiling can also add to the artistic impression of the room. Especially with the arrangement of crosses that can give you a diverse and unique pattern.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself with the layout. You can arrange it according to the style of your room decor. To add to the elegant impression, don’t forget to install the lights between the ceiling gaps.

Minimalist house ceiling with intricate lattice

For those of you who like art, you can choose this minimalist home ceiling model for you to install in your home. This minimalist home ceiling with an intricate lattice accentuates the ethnic pattern so that it is usually only installed on the wall as a room divider. You can install it on the ceiling of a minimalist house.

This minimalist home ceiling idea is suitable to be installed in the living room or dining room. You can also combine it with some fluorescent lamps with low lighting. Put the lights behind the lattice or in between the gaps, be prepared for a stunning view of your ceiling.

Minimalist house ceiling combination of wood

Wood can be a beautiful addition to the ceiling in any room. The combination of a minimalist home ceiling with wood will captivate every eye that sees. Tightly set wood slats can be used to make a statement in a neutral room, while darker wood can give a modern feel.

This chandelier hanging between the slats can help increase the lighting on the ceiling of a minimalist home. Wooden slats don’t need to be tightly arranged to give this edgy ceiling design impact.

This minimalist home ceiling design must still prioritize accuracy. A minimalist home ceiling with a combination of wood with a complicated design and using aspects will actually make the house narrower and smaller. So, choose the right furniture in a room with this ceiling!

Minimalist Home Ceiling

Although it sounds trivial, a minimalist home ceiling is actually quite important for a house. Ceilings can help hide electrical installations, such as cables, lights, and roof structures so that interior spaces appear more beautiful. With the ceiling, the air temperature in the room can be more controlled.

For example, the ceiling can reduce the temperature of the roof space that arises due to sunlight shining on the roof. The hot air in the roof space is held by the ceiling so that it does not flow directly into the space below it so that the room temperature is maintained. In an AC installation, the use of indoor ceilings can make the AC work more efficiently.

So, from the various ceilings above, which one is your favourite? Are you interested in trying it at home? If you are looking for various furniture products to complement your home, sell tables, sofas, chairs, storage racks, to mattresses from well-known brands, such as the Serta mattress and King Koil. The models and sizes also vary so that you can adjust them to the overall interior design, including the minimalist home ceiling design.

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