Having a comfortable home is certainly everyone’s dream. Although the comfort category for each person is different, the perception can be the same. A good combination of interior and exterior can be used as a common standard. On the exterior, for example, how someone designs a terrace can be a benchmark for a comfortable home or not.

Along with the development of the property world and the variety of home design options, now many people are competing to have a minimalist home. Which is not only comfortable but also has a high aesthetic value. If you are one of them, then all you need to do is pay attention to all areas of the house.

To build the front of the house that has aesthetic value and comfort, designing a terrace is now a trend in the property world.

The Importance of Designing a Good Home Terrace

The terrace of the house is often referred to as the initial representation of a house. The existence of the terrace as an open area in front of the house is an important access before heading into the house.

Practically, if there are guests who come to the house, then the first impression starts from when they are still on the terrace of the house. Therefore, designing a comfortable and beautiful minimalist terrace is important for every homeowner.

Before designing the terrace of the house, you must adjust the design to the location of its placement. Based on the location of its placement, the terrace is divided into 3 types, namely the front porch, side terrace and back porch.

The difference in the placement location, makes the terrace has its own benefits for you.

Benefits You Should Know Before Designing a Home Terrace

As a side that looks from the front, it turns out that the terrace of the house has many benefits. Here are 3 important benefits of the terrace of the house.

A place to receive guests

The front porch of the house, generally almost in the homes of Indonesian people. One of the benefits of the front porch of the house, it can be used as a substitute for the living room for a small house. So it can save development costs. Only familiar guests enter the house, in the family room.

On the terrace of the house while talking with guests can also enjoy the breeze so as to create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

A place to gather and relax

A comfortable home is everyone’s hope. Apart from being a place to live, the house can also be used to create warmth and a harmonious atmosphere for your family.

The terrace of the house is one part of the house that can be used as a place to gather and relax with family. Both the front, side and back terraces of the house can be used for family time.

When with your family, chatting and chatting, you can reduce stress and fatigue after a day of activities. Prepare a cup of coffee, tea or warm chocolate plus dry bread, accompanied by music and a light breeze, your family time will surely be of higher quality.

Adding beauty and coolness to the house

In contrast to other parts of the house, the terrace of the house is the part that has a direct relationship with the outdoors. In addition to a comfortable impression, you can maximize the function of the terrace of the house by designing a beautiful and cool terrace.

With a beautiful terrace, it will add to the beauty of your home. A terrace can be designed by combining a variety of plants and other furniture.

The concept of beautiful and cool, can be realized by applying the go green design. Such as ornamental plants hanging or arranged on shelves, flowers in vases and green grass beds. With unique creations, of course, these ornamental plants and flowers will look attractive on your terrace.

These plants will also produce oxygen that can enter the house so as to produce coolness for the homeowner.

You can add unique tables, long chairs, wall hangings and other complementary furniture to increase the comfort and beauty of your terrace.

After knowing the benefits of a terrace, you can prepare a terrace design according to your wishes. In designing the terrace of the house, you should also refer to the overall design of your home. This is done in order to create a harmonious harmony between the terrace of the house and the area in your home.

You can design a house terrace with a minimalist, classic, simple and even luxurious model. Then, what are the things that need to be considered in designing the terrace of your house?

6 Important Elements to Consider in Designing a Home Terrace

Availability of land

The area and design of the terrace need to consider the availability of land. You need to balance the empty space that will be used as a terrace and other parts of the house. The area of ​​​​the terrace also affects the equipment that will be placed on the terrace of the house.

For a narrow terrace, it’s better not to use large items. Use a table or chair that is relatively medium so that it will create a broad impression for your terrace, so you will be more flexible to design it.

Choosing a theme for the terrace wall

The porch wall is an element that guests immediately see when they enter your home area. When making a home terrace, the choice of wall color on the terrace should be different from other rooms, in order to create a different impression when entering your home.

Even though they are different, the colors used for the terrace walls should still be in harmony with other rooms

In addition to using wall paint, you can also carry out the design of your terrace wall with natural materials, such as using wood, natural stone, or by adding bamboo and rattan materials.

Terrace floor material

Even though it is located at the base, the floor of the house is a very important element as the key to the exterior appearance in designing your terrace. In addition to the element of beauty, the selection of the floor must also pay attention to the security aspect.

The floor becomes a foothold, do not let the material you use for the floor, actually endanger the safety of children when playing on the terrace of the house. Especially when it rains, the terrace floor of the house will get wet easily. Therefore, avoid using slippery floor materials.

The terrace is an open area that is directly related to the natural environment, so you should also choose a floor material that is not easily dirty, because it will affect the assessment of your home on the front.

Alternative materials that can be used to design your patio floor are patterned ceramics, natural stone, concrete, wood, rubber and carpet.


Apart from being an aesthetic element, the terrace of the house is also useful as a place to receive guests and relax with family. To increase the comfort of the terrace of the house, then you need to add furniture such as chairs, tables, chair cushions.

The choice of the right model and material for chairs, sofas, tables and other furniture will add a homey impression to your terrace. As an alternative option, you can add a rocking chair with a classic feel, a hanging chair, a set of rattan tables, or furniture with other special looks.

When you have considered the furniture to be used, you also need to think about the layout of the furniture. The furniture should be arranged as beautiful and neat as possible, in order to create a comfortable atmosphere. With the right layout, the furniture will look neat and will create the impression of a terrace that doesn’t look cramped.


Lighting on the terrace is an aspect that needs to be considered in designing the terrace of the house, especially at night. You certainly don’t want your terrace to turn creepy at night. You can bring the green color to life in plants by using a white light.

You can also use a variety of unique lamp models so that the terrace of the house looks beautiful and pleasing to the eye. So that when relaxing on the terrace of the house at night, you will get enough lighting.

Supporting ornaments

The addition of supporting ornaments can complement the comfort and beauty of your terrace. The first ornament that can be added is a flower vase. The second ornament, wall decoration. This decoration can be in the form of paintings or other wall decorations.

The next ornament is plants. Avoid plant species with extensive roots, such as shrubs and trees.

For hanging plants, choose plants that hang down, such as plants from the fern family, succulents, petunias and geraniums. With some supporting ornaments, it will add a comfortable and beautiful impression to your home design.

6 Important Elements in Designing a Home Terrace to Make It More Comfortable and Beautiful