6 Health Benefits of Ornamental Plants that You Should Know

6 Health Benefits of Ornamental Plants that You Should Know

With ornamental plants, you and you don’t need to worry about the aesthetics of your home. However, not only beautifying and refreshing the space, it turns out that maintaining ornamental plants also has a health impact on us. What are the benefits of ornamental plants for health? Come on, see more.

Eliminate Air Poisons

Studies conducted by NASA have shown that living plants purify the air because of their function of destroying volatile organic chemicals from carpets, shopping bags, and even books.

The reason is, the benefits of ornamental plants can destroy 87{d50e0571c5be256f2244e3785f87da3cc3547cbc1b0d530766df4d76d0d7aa90} of air toxins within 24 hours. According to research conducted by NASA, the peace lily plant is able to filter out harmful benzene, trichlorethylene and formaldehyde toxins in the bedroom. This plant also has moisture properties, so you need to water it more often so that it doesn’t wither and die easily.

Make Sleep More Comfortable

You and Dads like having trouble sleeping? Let’s try, take care of plants. Plants breathe out oxygen during the day, so a room filled with oxygen helps us fall asleep more easily and sleep better.

Who says the benefits of this one ornamental plant are only for skin health, because it turns out that NASA puts it first as a plant recommendation for the bedroom at home. Aloe vera releases oxygen at night which can make you sleep better at night. Fun again, this plant does not need much watering.

Accelerate Healing

According to a study conducted by Kansas State University, patients in the hospital who were accompanied by live plants in their rooms were shown to recover faster than those in rooms without plants. Apparently, succulents can help us maintain stamina and help recover us from diseases such as flu and also catch a cold.

Succulents can make the surrounding environment healthier. Some types of succulents are also able to clean the air and make dry air even more humid. Succulent plants you can plant in pots or make a beautiful terrarium.

Improve Mood

The benefits of ornamental plants are not only to provide freshness and relaxation to the room, but also to the mood. Live plants provide positive vibes and reduce stress, and increase concentration and productivity by as much as 15{d50e0571c5be256f2244e3785f87da3cc3547cbc1b0d530766df4d76d0d7aa90}. So for you and those of you who are pursuing a career at home, live plants are the best coworkers.

So you don’t need to worry about keeping it indoors, especially at your desk. You can do planting it with various media, but you still have to pay attention to its maintenance so that it remains fresh and does not wither. You can choose an orchid that is the color you like and you will definitely be more enthusiastic about your work.

Improve Memory

According to a study by The University of Michigan, people who spend a lot of time in nature experience a 20{d50e0571c5be256f2244e3785f87da3cc3547cbc1b0d530766df4d76d0d7aa90} increase in their attention and memory. Do you often forget to put things down? Filling the house with live plants is not a bad idea.

Also known as the Reed Palm, this plant is said to be a great air purifier. Moreover, the room has a tropical and warm nuance when you put a plant that is still a relative of this coconut tree. Your mind calms down and your memories can sharpen again.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Involving children to plant and care for plants will develop their intelligence, especially on the emotional side. By doing this activity, children learn compassion and care, as well as patience. Instead of seeing him glued to a gadget screen, let’s plant together!

Choose a mini aloe vera that is small in size. Your little one can be taught to plant it in a small pot or make it into a terrarium that is currently being hit. Invite your little one to always care for and water it at a certain time, when the mini aloe vera plant thrives, your little one will be happy.

Well, that’s the benefits of ornamental plants at home for health. What are you waiting for? Come on, immediately have outdoor activities with your family, planting ornamental plants!