6 Easy Ways to Care for Hanging Plants

6 Easy Ways to Care for Hanging Plants

Hanging plants can indeed add an interesting design element to your room or terrace with an eye-catching appearance.

Although it can look more beautiful than plants in ordinary pots, caring for plants in hanging baskets is in fact the same as ordinary pots, really.

However, before you plan to add hanging plants to keep around your home, there are several factors to consider so that you can produce hanging plants that stay healthy and make maintenance easier.

For that, let’s look directly at the review below!

1. Water Your Hanging Plants

Your plant containers and baskets can dry out quickly, so you should water your plants regularly, especially if the weather is hot, dry, or windy.

Also keep in mind that hanging baskets will not receive as much raindrops if they are positioned under an overhanging roof.

You can tell if the basket needs watering by testing its weight. If the pots feel light, then they need water. Be sure to water your plant basket at least twice a day or more as needed. Water the plant until the excess water drains out.

If you don’t give your plant basket enough water, the roots won’t grow enough to support a healthy flower plant.

However, don’t over-water your plants, as this will create adverse conditions for your plants.

2. Cut Dead Flowers

Cutting the dead flowers is a task that must be done by you hanging plant lovers, when it is summer.

It is very important to cut off dead flowers, as this can encourage fresh growth and new flower plants.

If you don’t cut off the dead flowers, the healthy ones will wither too.

3. Feeding Your Flowers

You can use compost pots that contain lots of nutrients and can support a hanging plant basket for a while. Regular watering also needs to be done to make plants always healthy. You can also supplement these essential nutrients with the use of fertilizers.

Use a liquid fertilizer or a drier mixture. Just choose one of them and don’t use both at the same time. Check the instructions for use and read them carefully before use.

If you want to go the natural way, just sprinkle the diluted tomatoes over the soil of your hanging plant. Tomatoes are very good for the growth of your plants because they contain potassium which can encourage flowers to grow in abundance.

4. Replace Dead Plants

It is common for at least some of the plants in hanging baskets to die or finish blooming before summer ends. The good news is that you don’t have to end up with a basket full of dying hanging plants that are an eyesore as you can easily replace these dead or dying plants in an instant.

Simply lower your plant basket and carefully remove the dead plant. Replace with new plants and add a little extra compost for growth.

You don’t have to wait long for a new plant to grow and produce its best appearance as a healthy plant.5. Rotate the Crop Basket or Move it

If you notice that one or two of your baskets of plants are growing much better than the others, try rotating the slow growing plants to the position of the more successful plants if the location permits.

You will see a significant change just because you regularly rotate the plant basket or even move it to a much more suitable place.

6. Prune Back Long-legged Plants

Plants often become more dangling as the summer progresses. Trailing ivy does look beautiful when it’s dangling, in contrast to Petunia which looks messy.

Reduce the growth of these strands by cutting them to encourage your plant to produce new shoots from the base.

This will ensure that your hanging plant basket is filled with much denser and healthier plants.

Well, those are some easy ways to care for hanging plants in your home. Hopefully the information from us can be useful for you, yes!