To have a beautiful garden, you don’t have to wait to have a large area. The right minimalist garden decoration trick, narrow land can be transformed into a beautiful and beautiful green area. If you are interested in having a minimalist garden in a narrow area, here are garden decoration tricks that you can try at home:

1. Use the vertical cropping method

Placing the pot vertically is the right solution to be applied as a minimalist garden decoration in a narrow area. The vertical planting method is more space efficient, but still beautiful. You can use an empty wall in the front area of the house to put plants in pots. Not only ornamental plants, vegetables can also be grown vertically. The material for making a vertical garden is very simple. You can use iron or wood as a support for the pot.

2. Use hanging pots

Minimalist garden decoration tricks on narrow land can also be done using hanging pots. This trick is very suitable to be applied to a minimalist garden in front of the house, or the terrace of the house. To be more aesthetic, use hanging pots with light bulb models or other unique shapes. In addition, also choose a rope with a unique material to add to the beauty of your minimalist garden.

3. Create a minimalist fish pond

You can have an ornamental fish pond in a narrow area. This garden decoration can be placed in the corner of the house. Placing a fish pond in a minimalist garden area will add a natural atmosphere to your garden. In fact, if possible, put a mini fountain in the corner of the fish pond.

4. Plant a dwarf tree

You can still plant trees in a minimalist garden with a narrow area. Although it is not a large shady tree, you can work around this by placing a dwarf tree in your minimalist garden. Trees with broad branches can be the right choice; like cypress to look shady in the garden. In order not to look crowded, you can place this small fir tree in the corner of the house.

5. Highlight the green area

By highlighting the green area, it can be a minimalist garden decoration in a narrow area that you can do. Prioritize to arrange trees and plants around your minimalist garden. Then leave the middle of the garden empty, and plant it with green grass only. Minimalist garden decoration by placing green grass as a focus point will give a broad impression. However, do not forget to always maintain the height of the grass. So that your minimalist garden always looks neat.

6. ombine with coral

The nuances of nature will be more pronounced in your minimalist garden by adding coral on the edge of the garden. This combination will give the impression of a view that is not monotonous. The use of coral stones is also very suitable for those who are busy and rarely have time to take care of the garden. If you use grass, you have to be diligent in cutting it. But coral will look neat without special care.

6 Beautiful Minimalist Garden Decoration Tricks in Narrow Land