5 Ways to Take Care of Orchid Flowers in Your Home

5 Ways to Take Care of Orchid Flowers in Your Home

The orchid flower is one of the flowers or ornamental plants that can grow and thrive indoors, apart from succulents. In addition to maintenance can not be easy enough, orchids can also be maintained throughout the year.

Let your orchids get enough light exposure

Orchid flowers do not need direct sunlight. Simply by placing it near the window facing east, your orchid will grow and bloom beautifully. However, keep your orchid interests out of the sun with very strong light during the day

Maintain room temperature

The right temperature for orchids is above 15 degrees Celsius at night and between 21 to 27 degrees Celsius during the day. Remember: you also need to keep the temperature constant, as fluctuating temperatures will cause orchid buds to fall before they develop.

Cut to order decoration

When the orchid starts to wilt, you have 2 options: cut the flower down to the leaf – so that it will grow new, more blooming flowers within a year; or you can cut the stem right above the first knot (it looks like a lump), beneath the most wilted flower. Typically, the remaining stems will flower in 8 to 12 weeks.

Give enough air and food

For orchids, give water (slightly warm) once a week is enough. If necessary, you can give water up to 2 times a week.

With a sprinkler with a flattened tip, run the water in the soil area down to the leaves. Remember, you should keep the orchid petals out of the shower. You can use tissue paper to absorb excess air so that the roots don’t rot.

Change the pot

Once every 1-3 years, you can replace the pot and soil of your orchid. You can choose the pot according to humidity and size (choose medium size).