5 Ways to Get Rid of Caterpillars Entering the House.

5 Ways to Get Rid of Caterpillars Entering the House.

When the rainy season arrives, it is not uncommon to find several houses with wriggling pests that sometimes make people amused to see them, namely caterpillars. Besides being able to damage ornamental plants or vegetables, people affected by caterpillars can also experience itching. If this pest comes to your house, see how to get rid of caterpillars that you can practice.

How to get rid of caterpillars that enter the house

1.Perform Manual Cleaning

In an effort to eradicate the presence of caterpillars that have started to enter the area in the house, you can use a broom to get rid of them effectively. This way is also to prevent them from leaving some traces of slime that could stain the floor or walls of your house.

Use a palm fiber broom that has a stiff nature so you can easily sweep away the caterpillars. Especially for caterpillars that are outside the house, you can spray them using water from a hose so that it makes the caterpillars weak and sweep the caterpillars.

2.Check the Outside of the House

After removing all the caterpillars that are in the house, the next way to get rid of caterpillars is to check the conditions outside the house. Check for any cocoons that may still be lodged on the outside of your home. If you have several plants at home, examine them carefully if there are cocoons living there.

If you find a cocoon, collect the cocoon along with the caterpillar that you caught earlier. Then you can throw it in the trash which is far from the location of the house. For maximum results, you can burn the caterpillar or bury it.

3.Using Insecticides

The next way to eradicate caterpillars is to use insecticide liquid. This liquid has toxic properties and is able to kill annoying insects. Spray this liquid on areas that are often attacked by caterpillars, such as on the ground floor of your house.

In the house, you simply use a liquid insecticide as a way to get rid of this caterpillar by spraying it on several parts of the plant with an adequate dose. Don’t forget to also read the recommended usage method so that the use of insecticides can work optimally to kill caterpillars or insects.

4.Using Bird Help

In an effort to eradicate caterpillars, you can use the help of birds. Where birds are the most powerful animals to be able to control the presence of caterpillars. Therefore, it is quite important for you to be able to make your garden or home page more beautiful so that birds are interested in playing in that area.

The method is also easy, try to put a small fountain decoration or bird bait that can bring them to the area around the house and help to eradicate caterpillars. As for other animals, such as chickens, which can also be used to eradicate the presence of caterpillars in the house.

5.Put Oil In The Corner Of The House

The last way to get rid of caterpillars is to use oil or vehicle engine lubricant. You can use this method because caterpillars don’t like strong odors and a sticky texture. Therefore, try to apply oil in every corner of your house to reduce the spread of caterpillars.

Using a strategy to get rid of caterpillars using oil is known to be a pretty effective way. But make sure again that there are no small children or pets at home that can touch the oil. Because it is slippery, the child could fall or slip due to stepping on liquid oil.