5 Types Ornamental Plants that Should Not Be Kept in the House

5 Types Ornamental Plants that Should Not Be Kept in the House

Ornamental plants can be an added value for a dwelling. Now many people choose to pursue a hobby to care for types ornamental plants. You can adjust the type according to your ability to care for plants. For this reason, before buying a plant, you should first know its characteristics. There are several types of ornamental plants that should not be kept in the house. The reason is none other than because this ornamental plant will grow better if it is in an open room and exposed to direct sunlight. In terms of appearance, it is more suitable if you are in an outdoor area. The following are types of ornamental plants that should not be kept in the house:


This flower is already familiar to be seen in the yard. Besides having a beautiful color, euphorbia also has a fairly easy maintenance method. Euphorbia doesn’t really like lots of water. This flower should be placed outside the house, because its growth requires a lot of sunlight. Euphorbia is also synonymous with a part of the stem filled with thorns, so it is better to keep it away from areas in the house to reduce the risk of injury.


This ornamental plant is very popular in Indonesia. Its appeal lies in none other than the color and shape of the exotic petals. The hibiscus also has a pistil in the center which makes it even more charming. For the development of its own flowers, hibiscus would be better if placed outside the house. The reason is, this type of plant is resistant to tropical climates, even in hot temperatures.

Morning Glory

Because it is a type of vine, of course morning glory will look beautiful in the canopy, carport, or yard area of the house. Morning glories are considered as plants that not only provide beauty to homes, but also have high resistance to weather. This flower can live in hot and cold air at the same time. Interestingly, the color of flowers that live in hot and cold air can be very different.

Rose Purslane

This ornamental plant is better known as purslane flower or nine o’clock flower. This type of plant should not be kept in the house because it is classified as a plant that grows very fast. This flower is also very suitable as a ground cover because it has a miniature size and grows short like grass. It is very easy to care for and is resistant to dry conditions.

Mandevilla Sanderi

The next type of ornamental plant that should not be grown in the house is mandevilia sanderi. This plant requires a lot of sun exposure to grow. So, it should be used as an outdoor plant that adorns the front yard of the house. This plant, which is fairly strong against pests, grows by vines, so it can be used as a shade for the area of the house.