Multi roof roof is the familiar name of metal roof which is a new breakthrough from tile. The basic material is metal which weighs only 10{d50e0571c5be256f2244e3785f87da3cc3547cbc1b0d530766df4d76d0d7aa90} of the concrete tile roof making it popular as a roof for houses. Considering that Indonesia is on an earthquake route, making multi-roof roofs is the right choice for use in homes in earthquake-prone areas. Likewise for houses located on peat soil.

Multi-roof roofs made of colorboand, namely mild steel coated with zinc, aluminum, phosphate and coraltex, have many advantages when used for house roofs. One of them is that it is anti-rust, anti-shatter and also resistant to impact is the result of the composition of zincalume as its basic ingredient. In addition, the content of coraltex also helps multi-roof roofs relieve heat so that the house feels more comfortable.

To use a multi-roof roof on a house, you need to install it on the galvalume roof truss structure which functions to support the tile. In addition, this frame will also help protect you and your family from the noise that occurs during the rainy season.

Advantages of Multi Roof Roof

In addition to some explanations about the advantages of this multi-roof roof, there are a few more that you need to know, including the following.

Minimal Maintenance and Long Lasting

Made of zinc, making multi roof roofs have excellent anti-rust properties. This is also supported by other properties of this multi-roof roof, namely anti-fungal and also moss. With these three properties, multi-roof roofs do not require certain special care and are costly. This stainless steel multi-roof roof also has a fairly good resistance because it is made of mild steel or galvalume. It also has a strong character and is able to last for the next several decades.

Light and Easy

Made of mild steel, making the multi roof roof has a fairly light weight. The lightness of the roof tiles causes the structure of the building material to not need to accept too heavy a load so it is suitable for use in houses in earthquake-prone areas, such as Indonesia.

Then, because of its light and thin nature, multi-roof roofs are very easy to install in your home. The installation process can be faster. You can even do it yourself without calling a repairman to install it.

Environmentally Friendly and Variative

The increasing amount of garbage on earth is a concern for mankind itself. This recyclable multi-roof roof also comes as a solution so that it has a special appeal for the community, especially those who are environmentally oriented.

Multi roof roofs are also available in various variants and colors. Because of the variety, you can adjust the color to the paint color of your house. This tile is also suitable for application in homes with a minimalist style.

Multi roof type

The variety of multi-roof roofs is not only in color, but also in type. Here are the types of multi-roof house roofs that can be a reference for your home.

Multi roof Standing Steam

This type of roof is the most popular in the minimalist home line because of its modern appearance. This modern impression appears due to the straight lines lining the surface and the metallic color that looks shiny.

The Standing Stream roof is installed using an interlock system, namely the construction of a roof frame that is attached directly to the roof so that if an earthquake occurs, the roof will not come off or shift at all.

Multi roof Stainless Steel

This type of roof has a heavier weight than a standing steam roof. It also has a thickness that makes it suitable for installation in homes that are in areas with extreme temperatures. Even so, this type of multi-roof roof is often used in large buildings such as hotels, factories, or football stadiums.

This type of multi-roof roof is made from a perfect ultra-permanent base material, so it is called the type of roof that offers maximum protection compared to others.

Multi roof Galvalume Steel

Galvalume steel roof is another multi-roof metal tile. It is a type of metal multi roof tile coated with a layer of aluminum and zinc which gives it more strength and thickness. Even though it is thick, this type of roof is still light and flexible so it is easy to install and doesn’t take much time. Apart from that, it also has anti-rust properties which make it durable. To find a metal tile price list, you can search the internet.

Multi roof Copper roof

This type of roof looks like a concrete roof. Copper type is a great choice for you because the roof can be shaped according to your wishes. Moreover, the copper roof surface also comes in various variants, ranging from striped patterns to those shaped like fish scales. Multi-roof copper roofs are usually used in mosques, churches to major museums. This copper multi-roof roof also has undoubted resistance, up to 100 years.

Multi roof sandy roof

This type of roof is a new invention in the design and material of the roof of the house. Multi sandy roofs are made from a layer of rock powder mixed with various other metal materials. This sandy metal tile comes in a variety of tile sizes, from 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm. This roof has anti-scratch properties resulting from the rock powder layer, is also anti-breakage, resistant to impact and can also reduce heat.

This is an explanation of the multi-roof roof and its five types and advantages. Hopefully by reading this article you will get a reference for choosing a multi-roof roof that is suitable for your home.

5 types of multiroof roofs and their advantages
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