5 Types of Flower Ornamental Plants that are Heat Resistant and Easy to Care for, One of them Begonias

5 Types of Flower Ornamental Plants that are Heat Resistant and Easy to Care for, One of them Begonias

Including flower ornamental plant lovers? If so, of course you need to add a collection of heat-resistant flower ornamental plants to beautify your home.

There may be some flowers that cannot grow in places exposed to direct sunlight. However, there are also flowers that can withstand the heat of the sun.

Actually, there are many choices of heat-resistant flower ornamental plants. Most heat-resistant flowers grow best in sunlight which often goes hand in hand with high temperatures.

What flower ornamental plants are resistant to hot climates? No need to worry, here Bubun summarizes from various sources to help choose heat-resistant flower ornamental plants.

Types of heat-resistant flower ornamental plants


If you are looking for heat-resistant ornamental flower plants, maybe this first type of plant can be the best choice for your garden.

Launching from Gardening Know How, lantana is native to the tropics, this plant will grow well in the hottest and most humid times. will get small flower clusters of red, orange, yellow, white, and pink which are beautiful and attract pollinators.

Lantana montevidensis produces lush lavender flowers on the remaining stems. All lantana plants are very attractive to butterflies, you know, .


In addition to Lantana, this one plant also includes heat-resistant flower ornamental plants. Try to choose begonia-type plants. This tropical plant loves heat, humidity, and dappled sunlight.

These plants come in a wide variety of colors with different foliage and even different flower shapes as well. In addition, the advantage of this plant is that it has relatively simple maintenance

So, do you want to add begonias to your collection of ornamental plants at home? Check out other types of flower ornamental plants on the next page, .

Ground Orchid

Who is not familiar with this one plant? Maybe most of you already know this fairly popular plant, yes. This plant is one of the heat-resistant ornamental plants.

Launching from The Spruce, this plant that is usually grown as an ornamental plant can also be planted outdoors in a place that is exposed to the heat of the sun, you know. There are many terrestrial orchids that will be very satisfied if planted in a sunny garden.


Known as paper flowers, this one plant is one of the heat-resistant ornamental flower plants. This plant has a variety of colors, such as purple, orange, to pink.

This plant can survive in hot weather. In addition, this plant also has easy maintenance.

For those who are looking for heat-resistant and easy-to-maintain flower ornamental plants, maybe Bougenville is a great choice for your garden.


it is better to consider choosing verbena flower plants for heat-resistant flower ornamental plants. Including heat-resistant flower ornamental plants because these plants need sunlight for eight to ten hours every day.

Well, here are five types of heat-resistant flower ornamental plants. So, have you made your choice?