5 Tips for Organizing a Small and Narrow House to Make it Look Wider

5 Tips for Organizing a Small and Narrow House to Make it Look Wider

Lives in a boarding house, a small apartment, or a small cramped house with a mediocre place? Often think about remodeling a room to make it more spacious, but confused about where to start? Even though a minimalist house can be changed to look wider if the interior design is appropriate and correct.

Although the space you have is very limited, your needs will be fulfilled and not boring through the right interior, a minimalist home is able to provide a sense of comfort. Property Expo, here are tips to change your minimalist home so it looks spacious. Let’s see more below!

Select Color Type

To start with this tip, focus on the type of color that will be used lighter, best at reflecting light. This step is expected to create a relieved look.

Darker colors, patterned wallpaper and patterned fabrics reduce space and absorb light. Studies show that lighter colored ceilings are considered taller than darker colored ceilings.

It’s another case if a dark color is applied to the floor, it actually produces the impact of narrowing the space. Textures and ornate fabrics also reduce volume, as do rugs and rugs with exaggerated motifs.

Then, exposed and continuous floor surfaces, such as wood planks, artificial flooring, plain carpets, and floor tiles, create the appearance of relief.

Room Function

Next, rearrange the house to change the function of the space. Think about, for example, is the bedroom well-placed, or should the sleeping area be moved? For example, the renovations that were carried out afterward changed the function of the dining room and living room as a small bedroom.

The original bedroom was redesigned into an open design living and dining area.

Home Furniture

Then, if a lot of furniture is placed in a room, the room will appear smaller. And of course the fewer items you have in your home, the bigger it will look. It’s uncomfortable to walk between oversized pieces of furniture compared to the roomy space.

The fewer things you have, the more spacious the room looks. The best types of furniture to use in small spaces are simple chairs and tables, simple frame furniture, steel or wood materials.

Bulkhead Makes Narrow

The more insulation, the house looks narrower. No need to use a partition to limit the room to one another. If you need a partition for every room in the house, choose a partition with a gap or hole so that there is continuity between one room and another.


Mirrors are believed to make a room bigger. The bigger the mirror used, the more spacious the house will feel. You can hang a mirror on the wall. Use a mirror that is the same size as one wall area so that the space feels connected to the reflection.