How can natural stone walls give a minimalist impression to your home? A minimalist home is the dream of many people today, especially for young newly married couples. The concept of a simple house combined with an elegant design makes the residence more comfortable and efficient. The selected furniture / furniture is one that has a dual function, not only as a display, but also provides benefits that can save space. It is not easy to get a minimalist residential design, the wrong choice of finishing material will make the appearance of the house less attractive, even far from the impression of an elegant minimalist.

Tips for Choosing Natural Stone Walls

We summarize five tips that you can apply in the room when you crave a minimalist home. This time the tips are about the layout of natural stone on the wall. As it is known that the wall is an essential part of a building. The five tips are:

Choose Walls of Stone Mortar or Dry Stone

There are two choices of wall materials, namely dry walls and mortar walls. However, especially for this mortar stone must pay attention to the foundation properly in order to prevent cracking due to frost. The advantage is that the mortar is easy to apply. Choosing ordinary wall natural stone or mortar back to individual taste. This type of dry stone wall provides a lower cost upfront. Meanwhile, mortar requires strong concrete as a foundation so that the initial cost is estimated to be more expensive.

Studying the Types of Natural Rocks

Learn the types of rocks from nature to suit the tastes of the residents of the house. The types are concrete, fieldstone, granite, marble and also sandstone. Each stone has its own advantages.

Shop Survey

When shopping for materials, even though the work is done by a handyman, there is nothing wrong with buying materials from a building store, especially when it comes to choosing the walls of the house. See and feel for yourself how the texture and appearance of natural stone walls that will later be installed. If you like smooth textures, you don’t need to select coarse textures. For colors, you can directly choose yourself and adjust to the overall concept of the room. Each room can be made as attractive as possible by surveying the shop directly.

Match Several Types of Natural Rocks

Who says you have to stick to one type of natural rock? If you want a colorful concept with a variety of rocks, you can do that. There is no right or wrong, it all depends on individual taste. Your residence is your right. As long as it can provide comfort and security for the whole house, it’s not a problem to do it.

5 Tips for Choosing Natural Stone Walls for Minimalist Homes