Today we will discuss about how to care for cacti indoors. Because cacti have become one of the prima donna for ornamental plants that are very easy to care for. Cactus itself is actually a plant that is synonymous with arid soil and soil that has little water. Has an intimidating shape because it has a cactus to protect itself. Even though it’s scary, it turns out that Cactus is in demand!

Because Cactus is a trendy ornamental plant that is suitable to be placed anywhere. In addition to its unique, exotic and aesthetic appearance. Caring for indoor cacti is not too difficult, you know. In fact it is very easy and practical. Below are the steps for caring for indoor cacti.

Choose a pot that has a hole in the bottom

Cacti can rot easily if the planting medium is too moist due to water deposits. So it’s important that you make sure that your cactus gets enough water. Then, choose a pot with a hole at the bottom. The hole will help launch the water cycle, so that the splash water can flow out and not settle in the pot. Make sure you use planting media with the right composition such as soil, coarse sand, coarse sand, and charcoal powder. Charcoal powder can be used in growing cacti because it has a hollow and open media structure that can help maintain the quality of the cactus.

Fertilize Periodically

Just like other plants, cacti need fertilizer in order to grow well. Usually, the recommended type of fertilizer for cacti is NPK fertilizer. NPK fertilizer contains elements of phosphorus, nitrogen nutrients, and potassium which are good for the growth of your cactus. But if you have difficulty finding and looking for NPK fertilizer, you can also use compost, which you can make yourself using the leaves of dead plants.

Make sure your cactus gets enough light

In caring for plants, sunlight is the main factor that must be considered. Also what happened with this cactus plant. Even though we take care in the room, sunlight must be considered properly. Cacti that are accustomed to indoor, have weak plant tissue in direct sunlight. So make sure that your favorite cactus does not hit direct sunlight because it can make our indoor cactus look burnt. Although cacti still need sunlight. So, just keep your cactus a little away from the window so that it still gets enough sunlight.

Move Your Cactus Position Periodically

When caring for cacti indoors, it is important to move the cactus position periodically because so that your cactus gets even sunlight. Because as we know, although now there are many cacti made for indoor ornamental plants, cacti are still plants that come from the desert whose natural habitat is in the barren desert. So by moving its position regularly will make the cactus more immune from disease and not easily rotten. because cacti are hardy plants and become trained to adapt in new environments.

Don’t overwater the cactus and make sure no water settles on the leaves

The ideal watering for indoor cacti is once every one to two weeks. You need to remember, if the cactus does not require a lot of water and make sure the soil media is dry before watering it. Then remember that cacti can absorb a lot of water from the roots, but not from the leaves. Therefore, make sure that no water settles on the leaves because excess moisture can make the cactus easy to rot.

5 Tips for Caring for Indoor Cacti, Easy and Practical