5 Tips for Building a One-Floor House with Minimal Costs

5 Tips for Building a One-Floor House with Minimal Costs

Owning a house now seems no longer an easy thing. Property prices are getting out of control, not to mention filling the furniture. This problem is a burden for many young families who have just built a household. The salary is insignificant, but housing prices are soaring incessantly. Extraordinary!We has come to provide a solution, that with limited capital, you can own a house. Although not big, but enough for a small family. Not narrow nor as wide as a football field. Don’t wait long, here are the reviews:

Contemporary Look

This house is in Japan. To be precise in Tokyo, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Consists of two floors, dominated by wood material. Painted in dark and earthy colors, solid and lots of windows for good light circulation.

The Basic Secret Of Low Cost

According to Japanese artistek, one of the factors to reduce costs is where the house faces. Because sunlight actually affects the resistance of house materials. Choose a simple design, so that you don’t add a lot of unnecessary material or knick-knacks.

Manage Budget Allocation

This time, let’s take a look at the ceiling. There are cedar planks that are used as ceilings and floors, wall boards on the inside, especially the ceiling in the natural setting. This is the goal to get clean and healthy air by using more natural materials.

Open Architecture

Open space allows you to save a lot. You don’t need a lot of lights, let alone air conditioning. You don’t need any barriers either, leave several rooms together. Such as the dining table, kitchen and hallway leading to the room. Good air ventilation, the atmosphere of the house is always cool and fresh.

Elements of Nature

The living room is downstairs, not given any partition. Right from the entrance. This house is open in principle, and all who enter will feel at one with nature. Wood and sunshine are everywhere. Cheap and good for long term health.