5 tips and ways to arrange a front garden in a narrow area

5 tips and ways to arrange a front garden in a narrow area

Living in a residence with limited land is indeed challenging. First, the house plan must match your needs without making the room look cramped. Then, the functional side of the room must match the aesthetic side. Not to mention if you still want to have a small green yard, how do you organize your front garden in a narrow area?

Not only the interior, one of the challenges of having a house with limited land is arranging the exterior. Modern or minimalist, your home will always need a front garden as a complement. Even though the land you have is narrow, you can still turn the front garden of your house into an interesting sight. You don’t have to use a minimalist concept, really.

Before discussing further about how to arrange a garden in front of the house, here are the important points that will be discussed in the article

How to Arrange the Front Garden of the House

  •         Choose Plant Location
  •         Choose What to Plant
  •         Set By Type
  •         Choose a Garden Design
  •         Treat Every Day
  •         Tiny Pool

Tips and How to Arrange the Front Garden of the House

Before looking at the design of the front garden of the house, it’s a good idea to know first what are the ways to arrange a garden in front of the house.

1. Choose Plant Location

Before choosing what plants you will plant, you should first make sure where the plants will be located. You can choose the corner of the house or the front entrance. Make sure the location of this plant will not interfere with your walk and daily activities.

2. Choose What to Plant

When you want to plant, pay attention to the available land. That way, you can choose what type of plant you want to plant. If the land is only a little, do not choose plants that can propagate widely. Choose beautiful plants such as roses, orchids, or you can also plant herbs such as chili trees, lime leaves, bay leaves, pandan leaves, and others.

3. Set by Type

If you decide to plant various types of plants, from flowers to vegetable plants, then arrange them according to the types so that they look neat. Do not combine vegetable plants with flowers because later the plants will look messy.

4. Choose a Garden Design

There are several front garden designs that you can use as inspiration, for example, ranging from vertical models, hanging pots, gardens with lights, container garden styles, stone gardens, and much more.

5. Treat Every Day

Because this garden is in front of the house, one way to organize it is to diligently clean and care for it every day. Always routinely clean the fallen leaves and plant shapes so they don’t spread everywhere. In this way, the garden in front of the house will always look beautiful and beautiful.