5 Swimming Pool Decking Design Models and Their Materials

5 Swimming Pool Decking Design Models and Their Materials

Having your own swimming pool at home would definitely be nice. Anytime you can do swimming freely without the need to leave the house. If there are plans to build your own swimming pool at home, you should first consider what pool decking to use.

Swimming Pool Decking Design Model

The selection of this decking must be considered because there is a separate function such as a place to relax. The quality of the selected decking will also affect the appearance of the swimming pool that is made. Not only that, security is also one of the important factors that must be considered when choosing materials for the pool deck. So, here are some inspirations for swimming pool decking according to the material.

Design Using Wood Material

The first swimming pool decking can use wood material. This type of pool deck has a lot of demand because it can give a luxurious appearance to the swimming pool. Many people choose this wood material because apart from aesthetics, wood itself has a hard texture and is easy to shape.

In choosing the wood to be used for pool decking, you should choose wood that is resistant to various weather conditions. This is important to consider because swimming pools are identical to water, so you have to look for wood that doesn’t rot easily when exposed to water. Especially if the pool is located outside the room, you have to choose wood that can withstand heat as well.

Usually the quality of wood suitable for use as pool decking, especially outdoor is ironwood. This type of wood is very resistant to moisture and also resistant to hot weather.

Adding Natural Stone Material

The second pool deck can use natural stone. In terms of appearance, of course, this material also gives the impression of being beautiful and elegant and also looks luxurious. There are many types of natural stone that can be used as a pool deck. The types of natural stone that are often used are quartz, limestone, granite, andesite, and many more.

Natural stone has unique and different characteristics. For andesite stone, for example, the dominant color is gray which makes the appearance look luxurious and elegant, suitable for use around ponds that are definitely often wet.

┬áit also has a smooth texture and has a more interesting artistic value compared to other stones. There are various color choices stone itself and it is very interesting, that’s why this type of stone is considered to have more artistic value.

The Concept of Decking Using Ceramic

In addition to the previous two materials, there is also ceramic which is also commonly used as pool decking. But of course this is a bit worrying because yesterday’s surface when wet will be slippery. However, there are several types of ceramics that are not too slippery and have a wider choice of colors and patterns. So this can be used as a pool decking which is quite interesting.

Concrete Wood Application for Swimming Pool

This is a material that looks like wood but of course it is not real wood. The material used to make this conwood is cement which is processed through fabrication. Pool decking using this material can not only look elegant and luxurious, it is also easier to maintain. This conwood material has good weather resistance.

Exposed Concrete for Swimming Pool

The next swimming pool decking can also use exposed concrete. This one material can give a quite unique look to the swimming pool. This material is made with a combination of polymer concrete with natural stone with many models, colors and sizes. So it can be said that the choice of natural stone used can be adjusted to the request of the person who ordered it. That’s why its appearance can be unique and different from other pool decking.

So that’s some swimming pool decking with various materials. Each material certainly has its own advantages, of the five types of pool decks that can be tailored to your needs. The model or design can be adjusted to the shape of the pool to be made.