5 Minimalist Home Decor Ideas With Monochrome Colors

5 Minimalist Home Decor Ideas With Monochrome Colors

The use of monochrome colors is one of the popular trends in decorating a minimalist home.

However, what is a monochrome color? Quoted from the Oxford Dictionary, the term monochrome in the world of photography refers to the use of black, gray, and white in an image. This term can also be interpreted as the use of one color with different tones.

So, in decorating a minimalist home with monochrome colors, you only need to use black, white, and gray. It may sound boring, but with a little creativity, this color can bring a minimalist impression to your home.

Come on, check out this article to see various inspirations and ideas for decorating a minimalist home with monochrome colors. Who knows, there are tips that you can apply at home.

Gray color game

Because the color choices in the monochrome color palette are limited, you can work around this by using color games. You can use one or two colors in one room, but use a mix of dark and light tones of the same color.

For example like the picture above. Although dominantly gray, the owner still uses a combination of dark gray and light gray so that the room does not feel monotonous and boring.

Industrial impression of metal

Since the use of black, gray, and white is synonymous with industrial impression, why not maximize the industrial impression in a minimalist home by using materials such as metal?

You can use materials such as metal and steel on tables and chairs to bring an industrial feel to your home. However, you can also add a touch of elegance through the use of granite or marble, like the picture above which uses a marble table with metal legs.

Adding accessories and accents

To add charm to a monochrome minimalist home, you can take advantage of the use of accents and accessories in the room, such as lamps, candles, or dried flowers as decorations.

You can add pillows on the sofa with various textures and patterns, as long as you keep using monochrome colors such as black, white, or gray. For a slightly different impression, you can use warm white to give a warm impression in the room.

Pattern and color contrast

One way you can do so that your minimalist home doesn’t look boring is to play with color contrasts and use simple patterns and motifs as accents. This also applies to rooms with a monochrome color concept.

The image above uses a pattern of stripes on the right side of the wall to create a focal point in the room. In addition, the black color used also looks in contrast to the entire room which is dominated by gray and white colors. You can also add another color contrast through small accents such as sofa cushions and a plant vase.

Soft monochrome color

When you hear the word monochrome, you might imagine a color combination that seems cold and stiff. Actually, there is a way to bring a soft and warm impression to a monochrome minimalist house, lo.

The key, use colors with warm tones. The image above is dominated by warm white with a few gray and black accents so the room is not too pale. A warm and comfortable impression can also be obtained from a room that uses a monochrome color palette.

Well, those are 5 inspirations and ideas for decorating a minimalist home with monochrome colors that you can apply in your own home. How, any ideas that caught your attention above?