5 Kitchen Waste That Can Be Used as Plant Fertilizer

5 Kitchen Waste That Can Be Used as Plant Fertilizer

Fertilizer is an important component in caring for plants to thrive and be healthy. So far, some of you may only buy compost or finished fertilizers that have been sold in the market.

But apparently apart from that, there are other types of organic fertilizers that you can make yourself from kitchen waste. The rest of the kitchen ingredients such as banana peels, rice washing water, coffee and tea dregs to egg shells can actually be useful for your plants, ladies.

In order not to wonder how to get the benefits of kitchen waste at home, we have summarized kitchen waste that can be used as plant fertilizer.

Banana peel

Banana peels may sound like useless trash. But it turns out that this kitchen waste can be a good potassium fertilizer for flower, fruit, or vegetable plants such as spinach and lettuce.

How to make liquid organic fertilizer from banana peels is quite easy. First prepare 10-15 banana peels. Then cut into small pieces to fit into the bottle. After that, pour the water until it is full into the bottle containing the banana peel. Then close the end of the bottle with a cork to block air from entering, then close it tightly with the bottle cap. Leave the liquid fertilizer from the banana peel for three days so that the fertilizer is ready to use.

Rice water

Ladies, before cooking rice into rice, of course you have to wash it first with water so that the rice is clean from dirt. Well, this rice washing water contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus which are good for plant growth. Therefore, when you wash rice, collect the water. Put it in a bottle, then let it sit for 3-7 days so that the rice water goes through the fermentation process. After that, mix the fermented rice water with water before pouring it onto the plants.

In addition to helping growth, rice water can also help repel pests such as caterpillars and other animals that interfere with plants.

Egg shell

Some of you may already know that egg shells have good uses for plants. Even egg shells can fertilize plants like fertilizer. Then how to make it?

The method is quite easy. After using the eggs, collect and wash thoroughly and dry the egg shells. After that, crush the egg shells into small pieces. Then put this eggshell ‘fertilizer’ into the soil around your plants. Besides being put in, you can also spread it directly above the ground. Then flush with water evenly.

Vegetable boiled water

For those of you who like to consume boiled vegetables every day, of course usually you will throw away the boiled water without knowing that it turns out that the leftover water has good benefits for plants.

Yes, this boiled water contains vitamins from vegetables that lose some of their nutrients when cooked. Therefore, use the leftover vegetable boiled water to water the plants. How to do it very easy. Let the water used to boil vegetables cool until slightly thickened. After that, mix it with one glass of clean water, then pour it on the plants.

Coffee and tea grounds

Coffee and tea grounds must be found in abundance in every home. If you just finished making tea or coffee, don’t throw away these two kitchen wastes right away, Ladies.

Because it turns out that the nutritional content in coffee is equivalent to plant fertilizer. So you can use coffee grounds as a substitute for fertilizer. Not only that, tea powder is also effective for stimulating plant growth, and making it more fertile.

How to get the benefits of both coffee grounds and tea is very easy. You only need to sprinkle the dregs of both on the surface of the soil around the plant. After that, stir a little so that the coffee and tea grounds are evenly mixed with the soil.