5 Coolest Natural Stone House Designs Ever Built

5 Coolest Natural Stone House Designs Ever Built

Inspiration for a Charming Natural Stone House Model

Natural stone is commonly used as a finishing for various parts of the house in various rooms. For example, as a facade cladding, aka the outer walls of the house or as a floor finishing material. In addition, natural stone is also suitable for use in various styles of the house. Starting from rustic style to minimalist house. Therefore, it is only natural that you find the fact that natural stone house designs are increasingly mushrooming everywhere, including in Indonesia.

Apart from being easy to obtain natural stone material, natural stone house designs are also deemed suitable for the tropical climate in Indonesia. Well, if you are also interested in using natural stone material in your home, try to see some of the coolest natural stone house designs below!

Balinese Natural Stone House

Like an elegant Balinese home design, natural stone house designs can present a luxurious, modern residential impression. The existence of Balinese nuances in this natural stone house also makes the residents feel like they are on vacation every day. Doesn’t it seem cool to live in a house like this?

Now, to further add to the impression of the Island of the Gods, the walls of this natural stone house are also added with natural stone carvings that form certain images. Another combination that complements the design of this natural stone house is the carvings on the doors, windows and ceiling.

Natural Stone House with Glossy Facades

This natural stone house uses natural stone with a surface that is formed using acidic liquids or which is finely polished. Natural stone that is formed with acidic liquid will look shiny, even though the texture is actually still rough like a stone in general. While smooth polished natural stones are usually processed using certain machines to produce natural stones with smooth and slippery surfaces.

Installation of natural stone in this natural stone house design can be done in almost all parts of the facade. Even to harmonize with the exterior appearance, natural stone house interior elements such as the walls of the room do not miss the natural stone finishing. Unlike other natural stone house designs that accentuate a somewhat irregular impression, this natural stone house design even gives the impression of being neat, orderly, and clean because of its smooth surface texture.

One-storey Natural Stone House

Who says natural stone cannot be applied in a one-story house? You only need to arrange the right finishing composition, so that the natural stone house which consists of only one floor can look neat and elegant. Outside wall paint is an important element that must be considered in this type of model.

There are also natural stone houses that use gray as the dominant color. Almost all of the building’s facades are painted gray, including the dark roof. Well, the natural stone used in the design of this natural stone house is andesite stone or it could be temple stone. To be in harmony, the house fence can also be given the same natural stone.

Two-storey Minimalist Natural Stone House

The following natural stone house designs are no less cool, you know! As Kania said before, natural stone can be suitable for almost any home style, including minimalist homes.

Minimalist houses that are synonymous with simple shapes are suitable to be given natural stone with a uniform groove (graveer) motif finishing, natural stone with a semi-polished surface (honed), natural stone with flat fires, or natural stone that is machine-leveled and installed with betel stacking techniques.

Two-story minimalist houses generally use natural stone ornaments on several parts of the exterior walls, terrace pillars, and fences. Because it carries a minimalist concept, natural stone used in natural stone house designs usually consists of only one type. Another alternative, this natural stone house only uses stones that are almost uniform in color so as not to appear too many patterns.

Natural Stone House with White Dominance

White and other bright colors are most often used to decorate the appearance of building finishing as well as the color of elegant exterior wall paint. Generally, people choose white color so that their house can look clean and look more spacious. The natural stone used in the design of this natural stone house is usually a Jogja sandstone which does have the original color of beige and white.

So that it doesn’t seem boring, other color intervals are also needed in the design of this natural stone house. For example, the brown color on the doors and windows, or the black color on the balcony railing and fence. The natural stone used as a garage or carport floor can also be distinguished.

Room Natural Stone House

The all-white nuances in the design of this natural stone house can also be seen from the bathroom. The installation of white marble stones makes the bathroom feel more comfortable for relaxation. Those are some of the coolest natural stone houses in Indonesia that can be your inspiration. In addition to its attractive appearance, natural stone material is also classified as durable and has good durability. Very suitable for finishing buildings. Are you more interested in designing your own natural stone house?

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