Collection of ornamental plants is a hobby that requires patience. A number of common mistakes in caring for ornamental plants are often not realized. The hobby of ornamental plants is increasingly loved while the Covid-19 pandemic is not over, and people are busy looking for new hobbies. One of the hobbies whose segmentation is widespread is caring for ornamental plants.

There are common mistakes in caring for ornamental plants that people often do not realize, measuring the wrong water needs and choosing the wrong container for ornamental plants. These things can cause ornamental plants to get sick, wilt, and even die. Common mistakes caring for ornamental plants Here are some common mistakes in caring for houseplants, which are summarized from various sources:

Ignoring plant diseases

Quoting Pilea, one of the common mistakes in caring for houseplants is ignoring the signs of plant disease. Some signs that your plant is sick are discoloration of the roots, soft roots, and spots on the plant body, including the leaves.

Roots are an important part of the plant that is often overlooked and overlooked. In fact, roots are an important component that can be an indication of plant health.

Loss can also be another sign that the plant is sick. Before your plant dies, find the cause and the solution. The causes of sick plants include moldy soil, too much chemical content, or lack of light and water intake.

Too often move the location of the plant

Maybe this is often done on the basis of the beauty of the layout of your home environment. However, it turns out to be unhealthy for plants. Moving the location has the potential to damage the consistency of the plant receiving light, or even water intake.

This turned out to be able to trigger stress in plants. The effects of stress on plants will be felt in the long term. Stress on plants tends to inhibit the growth process. Preferably, plants are given a long time to adjust to the same location.

Excessive watering of plants

One of the common mistakes caring for houseplants is over-watering the plants. Some people usually just look at the dry surface of the soil, and think the plant needs watering.

Before deciding to water, try to check the soil moisture level of the planting medium by sticking your finger a few centimeters from the surface. Not only too dry, soil that is too moist will also trigger plants to wither and even die.

Basically the roots will absorb all the water available in the planting medium, such as soil. Excessive absorption will make the cells in plants unable to accommodate the water element and die.

Inappropriate light exposure

Each type of plant has a different level of need for sunlight. For that, you should find out the characteristics of each plant.

One of the plants that is currently being loved is monstera, one of which is the widow perforated plant. This type of plant has leaves that are prone to burning and yellowing. For this reason, direct and hot sun exposure is not recommended.

Meanwhile, a number of plants tend to be strong and heat-resistant, such as chicken’s comb, bougenville, and cactus. These plants tend to be more resistant to exposure to light so you can place them outdoors. Sun exposure must be balanced with the right moisture content to condition the plant at the right humidity level.

Changing and wrong size of pots

Pot as a container for plant growth is one of the important aspects in caring for ornamental plants. As written on the Gardening Channel, changing pots for the same plant is not recommended. This is related to how consistent the roots look for shape, because the roots will propagate according to the container pot.

This is related to someone’s habit of choosing the wrong size of the pot. The size of the pot will affect how much soil as a planting medium stores the amount of water. Therefore, adjust the size of your pot with several things such as the maximum size of the plant, the type and size of the roots in the plant, and the ideal humidity of your plant.

Know the characteristics of plants

Not all plants are cared for in the same way. The characteristics of each plant are different, as well as the nutritional needs of the plant. To avoid common mistakes in caring for ornamental plants, you should learn first, either before buying or after buying.

A number of factors are often overlooked that cause bad things to happen to your plants, such as excess water content, scorched or yellowing leaves, to diseased plants.

5 Common Mistakes in Caring for Ornamental Plants You Don’t Realize