5 Benefits of Trees for Human Life and the Environment

5 Benefits of Trees for Human Life and the Environment

Trees are the basic foundation in caring for ecosystems, supporting various aspects of life on Earth. Without trees, there could be no life on Earth. Trees grow in various forms, from single trunks to branches. Basically there are four main parts of a tree, namely, trunk, roots, leaves and twigs. The thing that distinguishes trees from other plants is that this plant has a super large stem size due to the presence of cambium tissue.

The latest data, it is estimated that the number of trees on the earth’s surface is 3.04 trillion trees, of which 46{58d142b6d504a9ddddfda0a578273c5334e6dc97adeda182b909801eac45338d} are in tropical and subtropical areas, 20{58d142b6d504a9ddddfda0a578273c5334e6dc97adeda182b909801eac45338d} are in high temperature areas, and 24{58d142b6d504a9ddddfda0a578273c5334e6dc97adeda182b909801eac45338d} are in cold areas and others.

This estimate is based on tree density calculations from 400 thousand plots of the earth’s surface. From this data, it turns out that 15 billion trees are cut down every year, but only 5 billion have just been replanted.

In fact, humans plant trees only to beautify and as a shelter, but actually the benefits of trees are greater than that. The thick trees can help us relax and provide much-needed oxygen intake body cells. In addition, the green color of the leaves is very good for reducing eye muscle tension instantly.

It is very important to always keep our earth always overgrown with shady trees. There are so many benefits that can be felt, especially by humans, that are obtained from planting trees. Benefits of Plant Cultivation in General for Society and the Environment.

Provide a supply of oxygen or fresh air (lungs of the world)

As we have learned in school, a tree has a function as a natural oxygen producer. From the photosynthesis process carried out by trees and assisted by sunlight, a carbon dioxide in the air will be converted by trees into oxygen which is the main ingredient for living things to breathe.

For an adult shady tree to be able to produce oxygen for 2 adults, we can imagine how many trees it takes to supply oxygen for all human beings around the world. Because the main function of a tree is to produce oxygen.

Without the photosynthesis process carried out by trees, humans and other living things can certainly not breathe easily. Indonesia itself has a tree planting program with the crown of planting a thousand trees, but seeing the forest land shrinking, the program has changed to “Planting One Million Trees”.

Controlling temperature and humidity

You live in the city? You must feel how the air is during the day. Or you live in a shady countryside and overgrown with various kinds of trees, how do you feel? Planting trees can actually reduce the creation of hot air in urban areas. This is one of the important reasons to plant trees wherever you live.

Creating job opportunities

According to ILO data, around 13.2 million people work in the forestry sector, and there are still many people who work in other sectors related to forests and trees.

Provide clean water

Trees or forests have a filtration system that can store and process almost all of the clean water supply that humans need.

Calming the soul and mind

Various studies suggest that nature can help reduce stress and have a calming effect. Research from the University of Illinois, United States states that getting closer to nature can boost the immune system.

Other research has revealed that spending time close to nature, including plants at home, can make the mind more calm, positive, and improve overall mood. Horticultural therapy is often used to treat various mental problems such as dementia, schizophrenia, depression, in ADHD and palliative patients.