Do you often feel that your home is no longer appropriate to the present or outdated? As time goes by and new trends emerge, this may happen. However, there are a number of decorations that are said to never go out of style.

Everyone certainly wants a bathroom with a design that is comfortable, beautiful, and not out of date. One of the most important aspects is to pay attention to the decoration. Choose decorations that don’t wear out quickly.

Here are some timeless decorating ideas for the bathroom.

Penny and Subway Tiles

The subway tile trend never goes out of style. The tile, which first debuted on the New York City subway in 1904, has become a mainstay for bathrooms and kitchens. These rectangular tiles measuring 3 by 6 inches can make a bathroom look clean and bright.

Another tile pattern that has been around for more than a century is the penny tile. It was first made of unglazed white porcelain in the early 1900s. These small circular tiles, have been a popular choice for bathroom flooring for decades.

White Paint

Some people may feel white in the bathroom will be boring. However, in fact neutral paint will never go out of style. White color is always successful in making the room look more spacious, bright, and clean.


If you want a bathroom with timeless style and high selling points, consider stocking up on a bathtub. Because, home buyers who have children will likely prefer a bathroom with a bathtub.

For those who love vintage or farmhouse style, the classic claw-foot bathtub will never go out of style. While the shower curtain on the bathtub may not look as luxurious as a glass shower door, it won’t make the bathtub look out of date.

Luxe Marble

Often, the bathroom counter is the most important part to display the entire contents of the room. While natural stone like marble is generally the more expensive option, this luxurious material is durable and will never go out of style.

Equipment with Historical Value

If you want a bathroom fixture that will last a long time, choose an option that can complement your home’s style and aesthetic at the same time. Instead of equipment that is trendy today, try to choose something that has historical or vintage value. In addition to providing uniqueness and aesthetics, old-style equipment is also relatively cheaper.

5 Bathroom Decoration Ideas That Can Be Inspiration