4 Ways to Make an Indoor Garden at Home

4 Ways to Make an Indoor Garden at Home

Planting ornamental plants in the house can improve air quality, coolness, and beautiful aesthetics. In order for ornamental plants to be neatly arranged, make sure you have a small place or corner that is designated for an indoor garden. In addition, also consider the layout of the lighting and the types of plants so they can develop properly. The following are several ways to make an indoor garden at home cooler.

1. Select the Preferred Ornamental Plant

The selection of ornamental plants is also an important influence for making indoor plants. Ornamental plants that catch your attention and you will never get tired of looking at them. Also consider plants that offer certain benefits, such as smelling good or being pet-friendly.

2. Pay Attention to the Light Source

Sunlight is an important factor for indoor plants to photosynthesize and develop properly. When there is not enough light, the plants will grow slowly, be leggy, have pale leaves, or not flower. Conversely, too much light can make the plant pale, the leaves wither and dry, and droop. Choose plants that suit the lighting conditions at home or are tolerant of low light.

3. Use the Right Growing Media

In addition to choosing the right ornamental plants, it is important that you use the right planting medium. The planting medium must be adapted to the types of ornamental plants and help retain moisture. Typically, a good planting mix should contain sand, organic matter. For succulent plants and orchids, choose a growing medium specifically made for their growth.

4. Monitor Humidity

Having indoor ornamental plants you have to frequently monitor the humidity of the air. Humidity plays a big role in an indoor garden in preventing the growth of mold and disease. When humidity gets too high, open a window, or turn on a fan, air conditioner, or dehumidifier to reduce it.