One of the challenges that small house owners often face is to organize and maintain the interior of the house so that it looks neat and not crowded.

This is natural, because a small house does not have a lot of area that can be occupied by many things. If too many items are scattered in the house, the house will certainly feel more cramped and uncomfortable.

So, how about how to organize a small house so that it remains neat and comfortable to live in? Summarized by us, here are the tips.

Organize by category

The first thing you can do to organize a small house is to organize the things in the house based on certain categories.

This step can help you sort through your home while deciding what to keep. Plus, by organizing your items by category, you can easily store them later.

Meanwhile, you can determine the category of goods according to your needs. For example, separate personal and sentimental items from everyday items, home decor knick-knacks, books, and much more.

Maximize storage space at home

Since a small house has limited space, you need to make the most of all the storage space in your home.

There are several tricks that are usually used to maximize the limited space in a small house. For example, use storage space vertically to reduce floor area use. Then, take advantage of empty spaces such as under the bed to store things.

You can use special containers or boxes to store small items. However, instead of using one large box to accommodate everything, it is better to use several smaller boxes for easy storage.

Get rid of unused items

So that your small house is always tidy, always do decluttering or tidying up the things in the house. Reduce the things that are scattered around the house by storing them or getting rid of them.

Make sure you have only the essentials in your home. If there are new items, make sure you get rid of other items so that the house doesn’t get overcrowded.

If you want to store things you don’t use, make sure you know where to store them without making the house even more cluttered.

Keep things in the right place

One of the keys to keeping a small house tidy is to store things in the right places. Avoid storing everything in one place so the house doesn’t look cluttered.

You can create a special storage area in each room in the house. For example, keep personal items in the bedroom, keep books in the living room, and cleaning tools near the bathroom.

4 Tips for Organizing a Small House to Stay Neat and Comfortable Occupied