4 Tips for Kitchen Air Ventilation, Cooking No Longer Smells Musty!

Having a comfortable and clean home is indeed a dream for everyone. In addition to providing a sense of comfort, keeping the house clean will also affect the health of us as residents. One thing that can be done is to pay attention to the cleanliness of the air to keep it fresh in the house. For those of you who like to cook, the kitchen is a room that needs to be equipped with air ventilation, you know. That way, smoke and unpleasant cooking aromas can circulate properly. Well, to realize a clean kitchen, here are easy tips that you can follow at home!


Put it in the Right Position

The main thing that you should pay attention to is when installing air vents in the kitchen. Before installing, find the right position to put the vent or window. You can install ventilation in any part of the kitchen, except behind the stove. Why? Because the wind that enters the room can interfere when you turn on the stove fire. So, to avoid this, you can put the ventilation in the direction of the wind not pointing to another room. This method is done to minimize the spread of smoke from cooked dishes. Well, for those of you who have a minimalist kitchen set, it’s really fitting if you place a kitchen cabinet or shelf near the back window.


Adjust the size of the ventilation with the kitchen

For those of you who have a small minimalist kitchen model, the installation of ventilation is also very much needed. Therefore, before arranging ventilation, first consider the size of the ventilation with the kitchen. You can measure the floor area of ​​the room and accumulate it with the right ventilation size. So, even though you have a minimalist kitchen size of 2×2, the air coming out of the house will still be channeled properly.


Raise the Kitchen Ceiling

Not only paying attention to the size of the ventilation or window, it turns out that you also have to pay attention to the kitchen ceiling that is used, you know. To reduce hot air in the kitchen, you can install a higher ceiling than other rooms. Use a ceiling model such as a multi-story jack roof, or take advantage of the holes between the roofs so that hot air can circulate properly. So, even a minimalist kitchen model will still feel fresh and not stuffy!


Install the Right Drains

Last but not least, drains also play an important role in maintaining air circulation in the kitchen. Why? Because, if the drain is wrong and clogged, it will disturb the air in the kitchen to be unpleasant and smelly. Therefore, paying attention to the correct water channel can have an effect on good air circulation in the kitchen.

Well, having a kitchen with good air circulation is guaranteed to make you even more excited to cook! The fresh air we breathe has an effect on our health. So, let’s start now to pay attention to the air ventilation in your house