4 Tips for Installing Glass in the Bathroom

4 Tips for Installing Glass in the Bathroom

Installing a glass partition in the bathroom at home is mostly done to give a broad effect on the room. The use of glass in the bathroom can be a problem when you put the glass partition in the wrong position. One of them is that the dew that sticks to the glass can gradually make the glass not as clear as before. Here are 4 tips for installing glass in the bathroom.


If the installation of glass is carried out in the shower area or water source, it can be ascertained that the glass will often be exposed to water. To reduce the amount of water splashing on the glass, you need to do a special coating or coating on the glass so that water will not stick to the glass as much. Sticking water and soap stains on the glass will result in a lot of stains that are difficult to clean later.

In addition to installing glass, you can also apply these tips to the mirror installation process, so you won’t be bothered by dew or moisture on the mirror after showering with warm water.

Adjust the Position and Placement of Glass with Space to Move

The placement of a glass that is too large will block your movement when you are in the bathroom. Place your glass or mirror as well as possible and make sure the position of the glass does not block the entrance and exit of the bathroom. These tips will be especially useful if you have small children.

Adjust the Placement of Glass with Space to Move. Also consider the use of an opaque layer on the glass to make it easier for your little one to do activities in the bathroom, because sometimes small children still have difficulty seeing the glass partition. Remember, good glass installation must still make the bathroom a safe place for anyone to use.

Position the Mirror Well

The installation of mirrors is very important in the bathroom. First, do not face the mirror towards the bathroom entrance to maintain privacy. Position the mirror so that it can be accessed from various corners of the bathroom at once, because it will be useful to facilitate your movement in the bathroom.

Second, place the mirror in harmony with the light source, be it from a window or from a lamp. If the room lighting is felt to be lacking, you can add a wall lamp on the edge of the mirror. Installing a good mirror will make your bathroom seem more spacious and not cramped.

Choose the type of glass that suits your needs

The need for installing glass in the bathroom will definitely be different from other rooms in the house. Choose tempered glass that has the ideal thickness to be installed in the bathroom. That way the glass in your bathroom will be more durable. In the event of an accident in the bathroom, tempered glass will break into glass grains which tend to be safer than ordinary glass grains.

For a 1.2m x 2m bathroom, you can choose glass with a thickness of 8-10 mm. To be more durable, avoid using hot and cold water alternately quickly because an instantaneous change in temperature will make the glass more prone to cracking and breaking.