4 Solutions for Storage of Goods in a Narrow Minimalist Home

4 Solutions for Storage of Goods in a Narrow Minimalist Home

Minimalist homes generally highlight the simple side that is comfortable to live in. Minimalist house architecture also looks so attractive and eye-catching.

If you have a minimalist house that feels cramped, it might be a bit difficult, yes, in determining the area for storage. Especially if it is not enough to build a capable warehouse. But don’t worry, of course there are ways you can do it so that there is still storage in your minimalist home.


Don’t let space with vertical shapes be wasted, Mother. A vertical space in a minimalist home can be used to store seasonal items and household items.

Moms can use the colorful shelves as a great container, you know. In addition, the lighting in the room must also be adjusted so that the room is not too humid.

Under the floor

If Mother’s minimalist house is narrow, having a hidden storage area under the floor can be the right choice, here. In addition to being unique, this storage area will also make the room in the house more spacious, because it does not take up space in areas that are immediately visible. can make this storage area under the floor. Then above the entrance door can be closed furniture.

Outdoor storage

If you like to decorate your home with a unique exterior style, creating a creative storage outside your home can be fun, here. Like the front steps of the house that double as a place to store shoes and gardening tools. But don’t forget to make sure it’s safe.

Double furniture

Some of the furniture nowadays comes with a dual function, Mother. This can also be used as a storage area, you know. Furniture in the dining room, for example, can double function as a workspace, by providing a drawer for storing things under the table and behind the chairs.